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Getting My Holiday Fix at Duane Reade! #DRholiday

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Christmas Shopping @ Duane Reade #cbias #shop

Duane Reade has been my bestie for as long as I can remember. I am on a first name basis with the lovely ladies at the location around the corner from my job (it’s been almost 8 years!). So I naturally went to my local Duane Reade Holiday Christmas supplies. I took the big boy with me, because he is fun company you know, except for when he decides to run the aisles or squeal insanely loud when he sees something he wants.

Since he is so familiar with the store his first stops is usually the cars display where he (unsuccessfully) tries to convince me that he needs his bazillionth car. This argument very creatively detailed why I needed to buy a new toy car for myself. Smh.

The first thing I got was bows. I was so inspired by the wrapping contest that I made a vow that ALL gifts will always have a bow!

They also had some really great ornament for the tree,  am I the only one that thinks that you can’t get enough ornaments?!

Christmas Shopping @ Duane Reade #cbias #shop



Duane Reade Christmas Shopping #cbias #shop

I also saw these really adorable Christmas ears,  and although he fought it,  he put on a pair and smiled for the camera! So cute!

Christmas Shopping @ Duane Reade #cbias #shop

I of course bought some of the beautiful wrapping paper and boxes. Do I have anything to put in them yet? No. But I do have 10 or so days left to shop right? #nopressure


Then we ended up by the toys. He wanted everything of course, but what he didn’t know is that I picked up a ton of the day before for him and his brother for ridiculously low prices. You can’t beat transformers for $5.99! I might as well enjoy the early years BEFORE they start asking for the big gifts!

Christmas Shopping @ Duane Reade #cbias #shop

Christmas Shopping @ Duane Reade #cbias #shop

I saw some really cute gifts and stocking suffers from e.l.f cosmetics (Not actual elves but the letters stand for eyes lips and face–that would have been perfect though!) I have lots of elf eyeshadow so I was so tempted to buy it for myself! So if you have a makeup nut (read:me) in your life, this is a perfect gift! :)

Christmas Shopping @ Duane Reade #cbias #shop

And of course for the person who has everything (or a quick oh my gosh I totally forgot to get something!)  there are gift cards! Look at the selection! Stores, restaurants and even social media gifts cards. Easy! Not to mention the holiday candy aisle…


Christmas Shopping @ Duane Reade #cbias #shop

I’m excited to put all of this to good use, you know, once I actually buy some gifts. ;)

How is your Holiday shopping going? Do you get gift cards for people too? Please say you do. :)



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  1. You totally just reminded me of all the wrapping I now need to do. I guess I will be pulling a few late nights this week for sure now! But truly looks like you got some great stuff here and can’t deny that at all!! :)
    Janine recently posted…My Pandora 12 Days of Christmas WishlistMy Profile

  2. I JUST took care of my father and brother but other than them, I’ve got NOTHING! lol I guess I’ll be in the rat race/last minute race this year too.
    Candace recently posted…Checking the Techs Off My Christmas ListMy Profile

  3. I definitely get gift cards for people. I can’t even tell you this, but I didn’t get Cassidy anything yet! I thought another year of my love and devotion, not to mention thousands of photos of his hare-brained schemes would be enough, but alas, I feel I need to figure something out..and fast.
    Tamara recently posted…The One In Which Honesty Is An Understatement..My Profile

  4. I am obsessed with Duane Reade. I literally go there as many times as possible every time I visit New York! It is the greatest!-Ashley
    thedoseofreality recently posted…Every Day Is A Big Day For Giving BackMy Profile

  5. Your camera takes great pictures and you have an eye for capturing really good shots. I’m inspired to visit my local Duane Reade equivalent…Wal-Greens .lol I think a smaller, less busy store can have some really great gift ideas. Thanks for the inspiration.
    Hope recently posted…Testify!My Profile

  6. I am trying desperately to get it all done Nellie! You know I’m with Hope, I’ll be at your Duane Reade = Walgreens all week starting tonight and I always manage to find great gifts my last week working coming up to Christmas!

    I too love your photos! I need to email you about how fabulous they show up on the blog. They are just the perfect size to always make me oooo and ahhhh!
    Joi recently posted…Ladies, Do You Want Viagra for FemalesMy Profile

  7. Love those ears! He is just too cute. This is also so great that you can get so much shopping done in one place – kind of like Target but in the city!! I also love all those gift cards – I have definitely been stocking up on those for all kinds of people. It’s dizzying!
    Allie recently posted…How to Stuff Your Whole (Foods) FaceMy Profile

  8. I have found some really good deals on toys at DR – we don’t have any down here. I miss them!
    Ilene recently posted…A Million Little ThingsMy Profile

  9. Oh yes, I definitely buy gift cards. My kids always get some and I bought some others this year too. I am still not done with my shopping and starting to panic!
    Michelle recently posted…Mom Meltdown? Why This Hasn’t Been My Month!My Profile

  10. I was out purchasing Christmas decor for almost two hours last night, and I’m sure I’ll be at Walgreen’s and Target at least three more times this week, lol! Yes, I definitely get gift cards for people! I love your pictures…great shots here!
    Sherelle recently posted…Don’t Buy What He Needs, Buy What He WantsMy Profile

  11. My holiday shopping isn’t going at all. I’ve bought one gift via the internet. I have no dinner menu planned and little motivation to do anything about changing my present circumstances. Ah well.
    Andrea recently posted…Can We Enjoy Beyoncé’s Album without Making it Into Something That it’s Not?My Profile

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