Why I Love Les Mills BODYPUMP Original Barbell Weight Class

I am super excited today to give the floor to my girl Joi! She is a pharmacist, a fitness instructor, a Georgia native and one of the hottest, most fabulous bloggers around! Her posts are extremely informative and helpful, and I look forward to her blog each day. Be sure to visit her at RX Fitness Lady, you won’t regret it!

Why I Love Les Mills BODYPUMP Original Barbell Weight Class


Hello there fans of Brooklyn Active Mama!   I am thrilled to be a guest over here today for the first blogger that whole-heartedly welcomed me to blog land.  I love reading this blog and hope that you all will enjoy this post today.

My name is Joi and I’m the blogger behind Rx Fitness Lady where the theme is “Live Healthy and Active. Be Prosperous.”  I’m a pharmacist by profession and through my history as a collegiate athlete and passion for fitness I’ve become an Independent Fitness Professional as well.  I like to serve as a role model for women and young girls, thus Rx Fitness Lady!


Nellie and I share a love for group fitness.  One thing that women often neglect in their workouts is weight-bearing exercises.  I chose to share with you how I get my weight bearing activities in for the week and why I love it.

Are images of insanely muscular body building women holding you back from lifting weights or doing a weight class?

I mean them no disrespect, but I, like most of you are not aiming to look like a heavy weight lifting champion.

I am by nature blessed with a fit physique.  Without any training, I still look rather fit but not as toned as in the picture above.

Note the arms!  This is why I frequently get compared to Angela Bassett.   My main celebrity lookalikes however, are Serena Williams and Terri Vaughn (Lavita Alize Jenkins from the Steve Harvey Show).



What do you think?

What I most definitely have in common with all these fabulous ladies is I take care of my body and like to look good.

One of my favorite ways to do that is by teaching BODYPUMP classes twice a week and sometimes taking or teaching 1 additional class.




BODYPUMP is the original barbell workout that strengthens and tones your entire body by doing almost 800 reps across all the major muscle groups of the body.




  • I’ve learned to appreciate DIVERSE SELECTION OF MUSIC.  When I was growing up, I only listened to gospel, rap, and R&B.  Now I bob my head to everything in just about every store I go in because I recognize music for the masses.
  • The Pharmacist in me has to share the health benefit for ladies and their future.  It decreases the risk of OSTEOPOROSIS (condition in which a decrease in the density of bones weakens the bones and can lead to fractures)!  Sorry a little bit of medical gibberish here 😉
    • Laymen’s terms: – You have STRONG BONES!
  • You get more TONED not Bulky.
  • You get STRONGER.
  • You get cardio benefits as well as the class is a full hour  = BETTER ENDURANCE.

  • INCREASED METABOLISM a major positive seeing as how women’s metabolism begins to decrease at age 20 by 2% each decade.
  • Better POSTURE!

  • ANYONE can do it at his or her own pace and weight selection.
  • My favorite; It’s a GROUP EFFORT!  Weights can be challenging and it’s motivating to do them with others while having an instructor guide you in safety and effective target ranges.  Besides, who wants to finagle with the machines out on the floor?


Now that you know it’s important and some benefits.  You can visit the Les Mills website to find a BODYPUMP class near you.  You can find other barbell weight classes by asking the gyms in your area for just that (a barbell weight class).

As a BODYPUMP instructor, I’m a “warrior in the battle against sedentary lifestyle.”  Please join me in the fight!


Rx Fitness Lady wants to know…

  • What do you do for weight bearing exercise & how often?

  • What are some reasons you don’t do weight bearing exercise?





Mommy. Fitness Addict. Socialite.
Schnelle "Nellie" Acevedo is a busy mom of two young boys (3 and 6), she is an Account Manager by day and a self proclaimed fitness junkie by night. Brooklyn Active Mama is a body positive community that focuses on demonstrating to all women that you can always find time for fitness. A recent running addict, Nellie has completed 7 Half Marathons and is currently training for the New York City Marathon on 11/1/2015. Nellie also is a co-founder of the annual A Healthy U Conference which is a conference dedicated to helping women improve their mental, spiritual and physical health. Nellie is a licensed Zumba instructor in Brooklyn. You can find Nellie on TwitterInstagramFacebookPinterest, PeriscopeGoogle Plus.


  1. I really love group fitness too. Being in class makes me posh harder since I don’t want to be “that girl” standing there not working out. Lol

    Right now, I have a trainer who I work with twice a week so that’s how I get my weight training in. And I just do cardio and light weights on my own.
    Kimberly [Manifest Yourself] recently posted…Hello world!My Profile

  2. I do want to be strong and I think any type of lifting or weights will help build muscles and building muscles help with your overall fitness physique …..look at me I sound like I know what I am talking about and I have not lifted weights since high school.
    Kita recently posted…What you talking bout KitaMy Profile

  3. Although I mainly run, I do go to a bootcamp class once a week and I do some weight training there. I’d try your class though, Joi, if I was nearby!
    Michelle recently posted…The Murphy Antics Continue…Puppy Proofing Our FenceMy Profile

  4. Alas I came this close to taking a body pump class this week. Feeling a bit intimidated, I opted for a cycle class instead…(mainly because I have a shoulder injury and didn’t want to aggravate it.) Is it common to start with no weights?..sounds crazy in a body pump class, but I’ll be willing.

    You look great Joi. Love the arms and I think you look like both Terri and Serena 😉
    Hope recently posted…Gotta Start Somewhere.My Profile

    • No Hope, you can start with just the bar. Please don’t feel pressure to keep up with anyone in the class. Move at your own weight progression over a 6 week time period. The latest research suggest starting the class with only 4 tracks and adding on 1 additional track each week until you complete the entire 1 hour class. You will be more likely to stay with the program that way. I really hope you give it a try soon.
      Joi recently posted…Uh, Uh, Oh..You Look So Much Better When YouMy Profile

  5. Great post!! You do have amazing arms!
    I like Body Pump and Chalean Extreme for serious toning.
    Kim recently posted…What do I do with this thing??My Profile

  6. JOI! You two girls are my FAVE! Lucky me to have the chance to catch you both in the same place today…lol! I’ve never tried weight bearing exercises, because I’m always focused on losing weight. I’ve got to remember to tone my muscles too! This is the first I’m hearing of bodypump. Great post!
    Sherelle recently posted…Fuss Free hair: The Braided BunMy Profile

  7. Amber Jones says:

    Body pump is on my schedule once a week for sure…. Wednesday evening at 6:30 to be exact. Group fitness people have those crazy schedules that don’t fit my life style, but I make it to body pump weekly because it’s my favorite! I love the class because it gives me an idea of what I can work on , correctly, independently. BODY PUMP ROCKS!

  8. Hi Joi….thanks for this great article!!!!
    I’ve been working out hard for over 3 years now and the one thing that I found out was…..when I was at a stand still on my weight and walking and running didn’t do it!!! I changed the game with some weight…I’ve taken body pump before and loved it!!! But I also started to make weights apart of my weekly routine and have seen an excellent change in my body as it relates to tone…I’ve lost a lot of weight….I’m proud to say I’m not flabby…body pump helps and so does weights in general!!!

    Thanks for a great post see ya at Rx Fitness Lady!!!

  9. Your arms are so envious! My current workouts involve hiking and walking while carrying a big baby. It does work, but I’m looking for something more scheduled when he’s older. So tell me – do you ever get asked for autographs?
    Tamara recently posted…Old School Blogging.My Profile

  10. Excersising in a group is fun, but I tent to be overly emotional. Seeing everyone dancing to the same thing, or working out together usually bring tears to my eyes–no joke. But this sounds pretty good.

    I’ve been doing weight exceecises at home with my weighted steel bar, dumbells and hopefully going to add a medicine ball and kettleball to my collection.
    KalleyC recently posted…Having A Younger SiblingMy Profile

  11. Adore Joi! I would love to take one of her bodypump classes. Our studio doesn’t have weights so we really can’t do this unless it was BYOW. But I think that this type of workout will help you shape your body the way you want. Weights are really needed to do that.
    Carli recently posted…A Chicago Story….My Profile

  12. Ivan Culloton says:

    Hey, I love this photo of yours it’ss so great I couldn’t focus on reading this post ;]
    Ivan Culloton recently posted…negatywny komentarzMy Profile

  13. I LOVE BodyPump! When I first started getting back into shape, I went to a BP class all the time. Now with CrossFit I don’t go to another gym that offers it. I do CrossFit (pre-borken ankle) 5-6xweek. Even now with my broken ankle I am still going 4-5xweek! Ladies need to lift weights — it does wonders for our body!
    M.Love recently posted…Broken Ankle – 3 WeeksMy Profile

  14. I can’t ever make it to the gym, but I have the Les Mills PUMP dvds. Yes, they’re awesome. And so are your arms, woman!
    Yum Yucky recently posted…This is how I get treated round here…My Profile

  15. First off, I have to say that you freaked me out! It’s late and I missed the box at the top and I was about to start reading when all of the sudden…WAIT A MINUTE…that’s Joi! Didn’t I click on Nellie’s post in my RSS feed? Then I saw it definitely said Brooklyn Active Mama at the top and I was so momentarily confused. I thought…am I losing it?
    I had one kid with the stomach bug who FINALLY went back to school today…and my other one now has a confirmed case of the flu. I’m thinking this week has me off my game.

    But back to the post!! That workout sounds great…intimidating, but great. Your arms are magnificent. –Lisa
    The Dose of Reality recently posted…Who Needs A Vacation When You Can Have A “Staycation”?!My Profile

  16. You looked fab Nellie. The BODYPUMP seems like a good class.
    Junalin recently posted…Yoga Labor: A Useful tool for Doula’sMy Profile

  17. May be a crazey question but I´,m searching for a Les Mills gym in Brooklyn. Do they have it and where? I live in Park slope, and has just moved in here. So please Contact me and tell me where I can find it!
    Thanks /Ebba

    • this isn’t crazy at all! I’ve been looking and it looks like they all require gym memberships :( If I find one I will let you know (and visa versa!!) :)


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