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Fun and Cheeky Valentine’s Day Printable Cards

Valentine’s Day is such a fun day to exchange gifts and little treats with friends. Today I’ve got some fun Valentine’s Day Printable Cards for the kids to exchange with classmates, with friends, or with anyone! They are filled with fun sayings and fun vibrant colors!

Valentine’s Day Printable Cards

When I was growing up we would exchange Valentine’s Day Cards every single year, especially in middle school. It was SO fun, I remember begging my mom to go to the drugstore and pick me up AT LEAST 28 small cards with fun sayings so I could distribute to my classmates. We usually only had 25 classmates but I needed the extra in case I made a mistake!

I loved that even back then I loved this holiday. Way before it was all about love in a romantic way, it was simply about telling the people in my life that I cared for them on Valentine’s Day.

Sometimes I’d attach the Valentine’s Day cards to a Hershey’s kiss or some other type of Valentine’s Day candy! Now they make it easy with all of the themed candy they have available but back then, it was super easy to stick it on the back of a box of raisins or with applesauce.

Now that I have children, I can do fun things to celebrate with them like make these super simple Red Velvet White Chocolate Cookies or these amazingly beautiful Thumbprint Valentine’s Day Cookies. I can even play Valentine’s Day Games with them–Pinterest has made it possible to celebrate any kind of holiday in the biggest and the smallest ways!

Valentine’s Day Printable Cards

Here is a super fun download that includes some really cute sayings including:

“You are the coolest”

“heart eyes”

“You rock”

“Stuck On You”

and my favorite “Hello Tiger”

What can you do with these Valentine’s Day cards?

You can do lots of fun things with this printable including print it on hard stock paper, add them to your favorite healthy treat, or even laminate them for every day use. 

Download your Valentine’s Day printable Cards here

Do you give out cards on Valentine’s Day?

Pin it for later!I've got some fun Valentine's Day Printable Cards for the kids to exchange with classmates, with friends, or with anyone! They have awesome vibrant colors and a great to pair with a healthy treat for a classroom snack! These cards include fun and cheeky sayings that are age appropriate and cute for the holiday. #valentinesday #valentinesdaycards #vday #valentinesdayprintables

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