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Why I Am Obsessed With Disney’s Moana + Free Moana Printables

Grab these fun free Moana Printables which includes fun coloring pages and activity sheets to keep kids busy!

Free Moana Movie Coloring Pages + Activity Sheets!

Last week I took the boys to a special Moana preview in the city. I have been super excited to see this movie since I heard about it at the Disney Social Media Moms Celebration earlier this year. I had no idea what the plot would be but I was SO excited to see a movie with a diverse character such as Moana.

We were invited to a special screening of Moana by The Moms Network. The boys were SO excited. Mainly because they had been seeing the trailers on the Disney Channel for the past few months. SUBWAY was awesome enough to sponsor the screening with their new Fresh and Fit meals that include a child size sandwich, apple slices and a Honest juice box.

The Moana Movie


From the moment the movie started I was drawn all the way in. The music was SO SO good! (I immediately downloaded the entire soundtrack on spotify) Plus Lin-Manuel Miranda did the soundtrack so it is just full of brilliance. For someone who is not all the way into kid’s movies, I was SUPER enthralled with this one. I think what I loved most was the Hawaiian/Samoan culture, the flawless intermingling of the language and the story was just so great.

There is so much more that I can say about the movie but I really don’t want to spoil it. What I will say is that I REALLY appreciated that the main character (Moana) was a very strong female lead in the movie. The focus was on her strength both her natural born ability and the strength she had to find within herself to continue and forge her own path.

I cried a bit and I laughed a lot. Not gonna lie, I’m probably going to take the kids again over the thanksgiving weekend so we can go to the theaters and sing the songs–now that we have listened to them a million times.

Moana Printables


Today I’m sharing a ton of coloring sheets for the kids (or you! no judgement here!) plus some fun activity sheets to keep the kids busy while you do your holiday cooking.


Moana Coloring Page One

Moana Printables

Moana Coloring Page Two


Moana Coloring Page 3


Moana Coloring Page 4


Moana Coloring Page 5

Free Moana Printables

Moana Bookmarks


Moana Maze


Moana Memory Match Game


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Are you going to see the movie? What is your favorite Disney movie of late?


Wednesday 23rd of November 2016

I want to see it soooooo badly. I'm a little envious you got to see it already! The kids have been looking forward to it for ages, and me too!!

kita bryant

Monday 21st of November 2016

I can't wait to go see it! Disney movies get me everytime! I think I will take my daughter on this one and have a mommy daughter day.

Janine Huldie

Monday 21st of November 2016

This is perfect timing as my younger daughter's birthday is Wednesday and she is having a movie themed party at a local theatre to see Moana on opening day with her friends and family. So, I truly can't thank you enough for sharing your thoughts not he movie (we are so excited to see now, too) and for the awesome, free printables, too :)


Monday 21st of November 2016

We cannnnnot wait to see this. I never buy movie tickets in advance. I'm buying in advance.


Monday 21st of November 2016

You know I love a strong female lead...and amazing music! I cannot wait to take the boys to see this. In the meantime, I can have them color these :-) Thanks Nellie!