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Kids’ Christmas Activities Placemat – Free Printable

Celebrate the Christmas season with this fun Christmas Activities Placemat. A free printable that you can print or even laminate to use over and over!

Let’s talk about the Christmas season here for a minute. In just a few weeks, Christmas is going to be here and it’s going to be fun! However, before the holiday gets here, there are some things we like to do. One of those activities is making a placemat. These kids’ Christmas activities placemat is a great craft to do with your kids. 

Kids’ Christmas Activities Placemat

This placemat is actually a mat that is full of fun activities for everyone to do! Here is how to go about setting this placemat up as an activity to do with your family. Christmas morning is a great time, but anytime during the holiday season is fun too!

Get out the crayons or markers

You are going to need something to color with when it comes to these placemats. Once you get the crayons and markers out, you can start the process of doing the activity. 

Start completing the activities

So, with the Kids’ Christmas Activities Placemat, this can be something that you can do over time, or it can be something you do all at once. 

Types of activities available

You are probably wondering what kinds of activities are on this placemat.  There are a few different activities available!

One of my favorite activities is to decorate a Christmas sweater. Another is to an elf maze, unscramble the words, word search, and some additional coloring. 

The best part about this placemat is that it’s perfect for many different aged kids. Whether you have an older child or a younger tot that would like to participate, they can! Moms and dads can also create their own placemat for the season.

I like to laminate them if I can, which makes them last a little longer. You can decorate before the lamination or after! Plus it helps protects the placemat from any spills and/or messes.

Download your free Christmas Activities Placemat here!

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