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The Ultimate Christmas Planner: 34 Pages Free Printable

There is so much going on during the holidays. Keep yourself organized with this awesome 34 page Free Printable Ultimate Christmas Planner. There is a place for everything from Christmas gifts to planning Christmas brunch.  There are even some free printable gift tags to go along with your gifts.

Christmas Gift Planner

Having a planner for Christmas is so clutch! It’s a great way to keep up with everything going on. There is even a section to write down all of your Christmas ideas! If you are anything like me, you have a ton of ideas for the holiday season, but the season happens so fast that I can never execute them!

I love having a place to write all of my ideas down, especially for next year!

Prepare yourself for a stress-free and well-organized holiday season with this comprehensive Christmas planner! Spanning 34 pages, it’s designed to cover every aspect of your Christmas celebrations, ensuring nothing is overlooked.

Features of the Free Printable Christmas Planner:

  1. Merry Christmas Tags:

    • Tags in various sizes and designs to attach to your gifts.
    • Spaces to write To and From, making gift-giving a breeze.
  2. Advent Activities Calendar:

    • A day-by-day advent calendar with suggested activities.
    • Space for customizing your own activities, making it a personalized experience.
  3. Food Leftover Bag Tags:

    • Tags to label and date leftovers, ensuring no food goes to waste.
    • Notes section for reheating instructions or to identify the dish.
  4. Decoration Bin Labels:

    • Pre-labeled and blank labels for sorting your Christmas decor.
    • Adhesive-ready or can be attached using tape.
  5. Important Reminders Page:

    • A page dedicated to important dates, appointments, or deadlines leading up to the holiday.
    • Sections to jot down notes or any crucial reminders.
  6. Christmas Brunch Organizer:

    • A comprehensive planner for a festive brunch.
    • Spaces for guest list, menu planning, and timings.
  7. Holiday Decor Inventory:

    • List down all your holiday decorations to keep track.
    • Sections for item name, quantity, and condition, ensuring you’re well-prepared for the following year.
  8. Christmas Gift Planner:

    • Pages to track gift ideas, purchases, and if they’ve been wrapped or delivered.
    • Separate sections for each family member or friend.
  9. Christmas Budgeting:

    • A dedicated budgeting page to ensure you stay within your means.
    • Spaces for item, estimated cost, actual cost, and difference.
  10. Stocking Stuffer Planner:

  • Organize and track small gifts and treats for each stocking.
  • A separate page to brainstorm ideas.
  1. Christmas Dinner Planner:
  • Plan your Christmas dinner down to the last detail.
  • Sections for starters, main courses, sides, and desserts with space for recipes and ingredients.
  1. And More:
  • Additional pages for notes, doodles, or any other personal additions.
  • A festive-themed cover page to encapsulate the holiday spirit.

How to Use:

  1. Print: Print the planner on A4 or Letter size paper. Consider using card stock for the tags and labels for added durability.
  2. Bind: Bind the pages using a binder, spiral binding, or even a simple clip. This will ensure you can flip through the pages with ease.
  3. Personalize: Use colored pens, highlighters, or even stickers to make the planner your own.
  4. Place: Keep the planner in a place you frequent, like the kitchen counter or your desk, so it’s always handy.

Whether you’re a seasoned holiday planner or it’s your first time orchestrating the Christmas festivities, this free printable Christmas planner ensures you have a merry and organized season!

Menu Planner

If you are hosting Christmas brunch or dinner then this is the planner for you. It has a menu planner as well as a budget tracker to help you stay on track with your Christmas spending.

Christmas Gift Tags That you can tape on gifts or print and cut for tags!

The advent calendar has a spot to write what each day presents.

Keep track of your gifts!

There are a few pages for you to keep up with WHERE you get your gifts from. If you are like me, I am all over the place when it comes to gifts, If you have it, I want it. It helps to keep track in case of returns later!

It’s 34 pages of Christmas awesomeness to keep you all organized and ready for the season. I am the type of person that LOVES to check things off or at least have a running list of things. This planner is fantastic for that.

I have learned the hard way to keep up during Christmas. I think it’s because I can’t just sit down and enjoy because my mind is always running with all the “to do’s”. If you are anything like me, this planner is for you!

Here is your Free Printable Ultimate Christmas Planner PDF, enjoy!

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