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Getting In the Ring With Triple H & Stephanie McMahon for #MilkWins! (One on One Interview!)


In our house we are Milk Experts.

We literally go through 3-4 gallons of milk per week. The baby still has milk before he goes to bed, my 4 year old loves his cereal and his chocolate milk. I personally love a tall glass randomly and my hubby loves his cereal and occasional chocolate milk as well. We even know the best places to buy the best kind of milk (BJs milk lasts for what seems like forever) and the worst place (we no longer buy milk from the corner bodega).


#milkwins Protein Fight Club


The wonderful folks at Got Milk kicked off their new #MilkWins campaign at the legendary Gleason’s Gym in Brooklyn Heights. I have always known that there are wonderful benefits to milk, but there were some new ones that I learned as well!

#milkwins Protein Fight Club

When I entered the gym there was a wonderful spread of protein filled breakfast, and I was provided (quite appropriately) with a tall glass of milk. Which was simply delicious considering that I had just left my workout.


#milkwins Protein Fight Club

There were some awesome boxers practicing in the ring too! I had never actually seen a boxing ring in person before so that was really cool. These guys and girls were so GOOD and fit!



We got awesome introductions from the Got Milk team and we got to view some awesome cute short and funny videos about why Milk is the better choice over most alternative breakfast choices.

Triple H & Stephanie McMahon for #MilkWins

Got Milk has teamed up with the amazing Triple H and Stephanie McMahon (and other WWE superstars) to show how much of a great protein source that Milk is. I personally sat in awe because when I first met my husband 15 years again in high school, I was a WWE Superfan, right around the time The Rock was HUGE. So seeing them in person was so cool, and let me tell ya, my hubby was pretty darn jealous of me!!




It was a understandably a bit of a media circus because of the amount of celebrity in the room:


I was SO lucky to get a one on one interview with them! Getting into the ring was a bit of a challenge, one person held one rope up while another held one down and I barely slithered in the ring with my narrow skirt. (Who knew it was so hard to get in and out of the boxing ring?!!)

I was super nervous, but when Triple H looked at me and said “Hey, Nellie!” I knew I was going to be fine. Triple H and his wife Stephanie are extremely cool, down to earth and quite the funny pair. See my full interview with them here:

Once I was finished, I was assisted out of the ring (again) and I made my way back to the real world, back to work. It truly was a fantastic event and I was honored to attend the #MilkWins event.

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If you are a milk drinker, did you know all of the awesome benefits to milk? Are you a wrestling fan? Have you ever been in a boxing ring?


Friday 17th of October 2014

I always wanted to meet them you are a lucky lady :) I love drinking milk lol :p

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Tuesday 3rd of September 2013

This is so cool, you seriously attend the coolest events. I love milk too and by the way you are totally a star hanging out with the cool kids in town :)


Sunday 1st of September 2013

I'm not a huge fan of milk. I'll drink it with certain foods like chocolate pound cake and red velvet cake! I always have to put ice in it. I put on cereal, but never drink the leftover milk in the bowl. RJ is taking after me, though he has been drinking more lately. Hubby loves milk, but I've had us drinking 2% so long that he hates the taste of whole milk now! You're also right about finding the right stores to buy milk. We buy organic from Publix it lasts a very long time. I've tried to milk from other places, but didn't get as much shelf life. I know enough about WWE to know Triple H and Stephanie are big deals!! So cool!!