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How To Start Exercising For Your Mental Health

Fitness has so many benefits for you mentally and physically. Here are 6 Ways to Start Exercising For Your Mental Health today!

You’ve heard time and time again that exercising on a daily basis is good for, especially when it comes to several aspects of your physical health.

It turns out exercising can also boost your mental health in more ways than one, and more so, some particular forms of exercise are better at it than others are.

So, here’s helping you uncover just that and more. Read on to discover the 6 best ways to start exercising for your mental health.


Perhaps the most obvious one on the list, yoga has time and time again, proven its efficiency as an exercise form, especially when it comes to boosting mental health.

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The moves and exercises are soothing and push you to focus more on your breath, in turn calming you. If you’re someone who has been struggling with mental health issues, practicing yoga can help you feel calmer and more relaxed.


Walking or running is actually a great way to get started if you haven’t really started on an exercise routine yet. It can be a simple and effortless way to move your body, strengthen your muscles and also boost your mental health while you’re at it.

Research has found that running or brisk walking is a form of low intensity aerobic activity, which can improve alertness, encourage positive mental thoughts and offer several other mental health benefits.


The mental health benefits this exercise form has to offer often get overlooked. It turns out, pilates can actually help strengthen the mind body connection. Experts believe that this exercise can also help reduce stress by soothing the parasympathetic nervous system.

If you’ve been experiencing trouble sleeping or tend to suffer from chronic worrying and overthinking, getting started with pilates for your exercise can be a great way to tackle the problem.


Looking for a constructive way to release all that anger? Try boxing as a form of workout. Yes, you read that right. Boxing can actually be a wonderful way to blow off some steam and is an excellent outlet for any aggression you might have.

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Studies have found that boxing, just like most other exercise forms, stimulates the release of endorphins, also sometimes known as the feel-good hormones. Need we say more?


Swimming is an excellent low impact exercise option, especially for those who hate being all sweaty after a workout. Experts believe that individuals can reap the mental health benefits of swimming in just a 10 minute session done daily – and that’s saying something!


You might be surprised by this one, but yes, cycling is also a great way to boost your physical as well as mental health. When you cycle, you are sharpening your motor skills, which keeps the white matter in the brain healthy, allowing you to tackle several mental processes smoothly.

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A short study has also proved how cycling can help patients suffering from Schizophrenia establish control over several symptoms such as motor coordination impairment and disorganized mental imagery.

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