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Boredom Buster: Emoji Twister Printable Game For Kids

It might be hard to keep these kids happy and entertained all day. As a work at home mom, it’s hard to balance work and keeping the kids occupied, especially when it doesn’t entail using screens all day. Today I’ve got a really fun Emoji Twister Printable Game For Kids that should keep the kids engaged and happy for a few hours. 🙂

Who knew that kids needed so much…structure? I totally get it though, when I was a kid I would get bored from toy to toy. Back then, screens weren’t a thing so I try to keep my kids as much off screens as possible. An hour here or there is fine, but every day for hours and hours is definitely something to avoid!

The boys have their share of books and toys to keep them busy, but even then they STILL get bored. I love to help when I can but sometimes mom needs to cook, or clean or even exercise!

The great thing is that there is the internet. There are so many fun things to do and print and now I’ve got another one for you today!

Emojis are so popular with the kids, here is a fun printable game for kids you can play–I hope you have been practicing your yoga!

You can get all of the supplies at your local craft store if you don’t have them all already at home. Print out all of the pages of the printable and have fun!

Supplies Needed For Emoji Twister:

Game Printable

– Cardstock

– Straw

– Brad

– Optional: Laminator

– Optional: Plastic table cloth 

Assembly Directions

1. Print “Spinner Board” and “Arrow” on cardstock (optional: laminate)

2. Cut out arrow.

3. Cut straw to length of arrow.

4. Attach arrow to straw and spinner board with a brad. Make sure it is a little lose so there is room for the arrow to spin.

5. Print out bats onto cardstock (optional: laminate).

6. Place emojis into typical “twister” layout OR have some fun and arrange them around the space.

7. Optional: Glue or tape the emojis onto a plastic tablecloth.

Rules To Play Emoji Twister:

1. Choose a “caller.”

2. The caller spins the arrow and calls out directions to see where hands and feet go.

3. If you fall you are “out.”

4. Last person standing wins!

Download your free Emoji Twister game here!

How do you keep the kids entertained when you are stuck inside?

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