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5 Reasons Why Curvy Yoga Is Completely Inspiring

5 Reasons Why Curvy Yoga Is Completely Inspiring


I have always admired anyone that can do yoga. I have never been very good at it (except that one time when I went through a Hot Yoga obsession and I was going to class at least 3 times a week). Quite honestly I’ve always been a bit intimidated by yoga in any form because I never looked like everyone else in the room.

Though I love Yoga and all the peace and zen it brings me, I find it hard to be consistent and progress in my practice because somewhere deep down I believe that I can never be as flexible as some of the amazing women I have seen. That was…until I stumbled upon this beautiful movement called Curvy Yoga.

I shared this awesome ad on my facebook page that went viral pretty quickly this weekend:

Isn’t it so great? I must have watched it a dozen times. She is so amazing and confident–and she got SKILLS! Did you see that handstand? I have seen people in my yoga classes do handstands and I have always thought to myself that “I can never do that”

It is one of the most inspiring movements happening on the internet–hands down. Here are five reasons why you should pay attention to this greatness.

  1. They do amazing things with their bodies – Regardless if they are a size 10 or 24 they are nailing each and every move. They quickly dismiss any preconceived notions about the limitations of a curvy body.
  2. They are all beautiful – Something about a curvy yogi just screams grace and confidence!
  3. They inspire you to be better – After seeing the awesomeness of these ladies, nailing even the most difficult of poses, I am inspired to simply just practice more to be even just a little bit better.
  4. It’s Inclusive – As I mentioned before, it can be quite difficult and intimidating to walk into a yoga studio, or even start practicing at home because you often don’t see yogis that look like me in classes. These amazing women make you feel as if you can do it, which is super encouraging.
  5. It’s a revolution – It’s not just a few women being amazing, there is an entire movement of curvy women all over instagram and social media, you can find a sampling by checking out the hashtag #curvyyoga or #curvyyogis

Y'all, it's official- I'm teaching at NYC's @yogacollectivenyc on January 6th at 6pm! It'll be an hour long vinyasa flow- all levels, all bodies! I wish I could do classes like this all the time all over the country, but until teleportation is a thing, occasional appearances will have to do. No matter your level, whether you're new to vinyasa or if you've been sweating it out for years, arrive with a positive attitude and you'll reap all the benefits. $20/person, & you can find registration info at link is in my bio! (Maybe we can all go for coffee/juice/kombucha afterwards and talk about yoga dreams?) I've been sick as a dog since I got home from NYC- a stuffy nose turned into an ear infection and I've been Charlie Brown/George Michael Bluth walkin' it out all over my house ever since. I'll be in Denver next week so hopefully it'll clear up before then- speaking of which, any Denver #yoga studio recommendations? This trip will be heavy on the R&R, so I definitely want to take more than a few classes if I can. Also, apropos of nothing, I finally got an iphone and it's AMAZING. Seriously, I have been using the most bobo ass phone for ages and this phone is a revelation. YES, I'M OLD AND I'M RHAPSODIZING ABOUT MY SMARTPHONE 287937 YEARS AFTER EVERYONE ELSE FOUND ABOUT IT. It's a brand new day. This photo is a throwback to a sunny beach day last summer when I taught my dad how to use my GoPro. Papa Stanley is an O.G. hipster who still doesn't even trust Facebook. Technological weirdness runs in the family. Leggings- @maleshactivewear Top- @paramitadesigns

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If you need more Curvy Yoga inspiration be sure to check out Curvy Yogi’s Represent!

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Can you hit these poses? Aren’t these girls amazing?


Melissa Burton

Tuesday 2nd of February 2016

It is my hope as a newly minted yoga teacher to show that yoga is for EVERY body (even if it isn't everybody's idea of fitness). I might not be curvy but in the eyes of many, I'm old (I'll be 46 in 12 days) so in some ways, I understand the feelings of inadequacy when it comes to yoga.

Over time, I've come to truly care less about how I appear to the world and care more deeply about how I feel about myself. I've been an on and off yoga practitioner for over 15 years and when I was younger (and uninjured), I was more flexible and could do more "pretty" yoga than I can now BUT through time (and after Yoga Teacher Training), I've learned about how to keep my body healthy with yoga for the long haul.

To me, yoga is now less about what it looks like but more about what it feels like in your body, your mind and your soul. I hope to help others discover or recommit to finding yoga not only on the mat but in their daily lives and well being.


Tuesday 26th of January 2016

I'm not much into yoga, but I love to see people overcome their own mental hurdles to work toward a healthier being. I've really been needing some inspiration like this, so thank you for posting this!


Friday 22nd of January 2016

Beautiful pictures. I think Yoga is just beautiful in general - and the body curves are pretty darn photogenic on anyone! My sister went through a Hot Yoga obsession too. She's pregnant now so doesn't go anymore. And meanwhile, I go to a hot tub and think it's too hot.


Thursday 21st of January 2016

I saw the commercial of the one girl and I was like I am done you go girl. She is an inspiration and she rocked it. I think we as big girls can do anything we put our mind to.


Wednesday 20th of January 2016

These photos are just beautiful! I love all these movements encouraging woman to love our bodies and all they are capable of.