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That One Time I Practiced Yoga With Jessamyn Stanley

That One Time I Practiced Yoga With Jessamyn Stanley

Last week I went to yoga class–but it wasn’t your ordinary yoga class, it was one of those classes that I will none soon forget. The class was incredible, the peeps were incredible and the swag was pretty cool too. Let’s start from the beginning shall we?

I was invited to attend yoga class at Y7 Studios in SoHo. I have never been to this particular studio but I would quickly realize that this place was home. They infuse hip hop into yoga. Say what? How have I never heard of this place?

U by Kotex Fitness

The excitement was also real because one of my favorite body positive peeps in the space Jessamyn Stanley would be hosting the U By Kotex event. Sidebar: I was introduced to U By Kotex a few months ago when Amazon Prime Now ONLY had that available. I loved the brand so much that I kept purchasing it!

When I arrived at the class, I immediately felt at home. It was a super comfortable space, and there was fun hip hop inspired gear everywhere! We were there to celebrate the launch of  U By Kotex Fitness which includes the new U by Kotex Fitness Tampons (which comes with a plastic FITPAK to hold them securely in your gym bag), Fitness Liners, and Fitness Ultra Thin Pads.

Before class we started with an open discussion around the stigma of working out around our periods. I admit, I have more than once used my period as an excuse to skip a workout. This conversation actually helped me realize that I am not alone! However, there are many studies that prove that physical activity is actually really good for for the side effects of your cycle.

“We have to get ride of that stigma of not being able to talk about totally normal parts of our bodies” — Jessamyn Stanley

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Yoga at Y7 Studios

I have been to many yoga classes but none quite like this. They in fact do infuse hip hop and yoga but it is done in a really smart way. The instructor was just….incredible. I’ve always believed that yoga is 20% physical but 80% mental so what your instructor says to you during your practice is key. My instructor was so good. She was instantly able to help me let go of all of my stress, insecurity and basically all of the nonsense. I was able to focus on the moves with a sense of confidence and belief in myself that I have never had before in yoga.

I have never felt this complete in yoga before, I always feel so out of place because I am always so tight, so inflexible, so hard to get in a groove. I felt like I had finally found a yoga home. The hip hop was nice too. 😉 It IS a hot yoga studio so add all of that together and boom, I’m in love.


There was also a really awesome heat press where we got to design our own skidless towels! This was super useful because it gets REALLY hot in there! There was also yummy fresh pressed juice and snacks afterwards.

Meeting Jessamyn

I was crazy excited to meet Jessamyn, after all I had written about her amazingness many times before. I waited patiently for my turn to get a picture before and she was the sweetest. I told her that I loved her, to keep going, and of course that we had her back. Then of course, we took selfies.

We had so much fun chatting and having a good time. Did I mention she was the sweetest?! The trajectory for her career is high so I’m really excited to see where it goes as she continues to do her thing! If you feel for some incredible inspiration, check out her Instagram here!

Do you workout around your period? Have you found a yoga studio that speaks to your soul?



Sunday 25th of March 2018

Nice post! Yoga has made me feel whole again! It is great for bringing the mind, the body, and the spirit together so we can function properly and live happily!


Monday 1st of May 2017

Hip hop and yoga? Yes! I love this! I guess I exercise regularly - no matter what day it is of the month. So yes to that!

Kimberly G

Monday 1st of May 2017

What an awesome event! I really need that Money Cash Flows tank!


Monday 1st of May 2017

She is a bad mama jama when it comes to that yoga I salute her. I bleed heavily so I do not workout during my periods but I do try to walk in exchange at least around the house or up and down the stairs


Monday 1st of May 2017

Gah! I love all of this and I really love how much more discussion there is lately about women and their menstrual cycle and how it effects our training and health. It's about time!! And those pics of you and Jessamyn could not be any cuter!! I absolutely LOVE your braids!!