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20+ Incredible Christmas Cupcake Recipes + Free Printable Cupcake Toppers

Baking is always so much fun during the holiday season! Here are some awesome and 20+ Festive Christmas Cupcake Recipes that you will enjoy making!

I love baking year round, but there is something about the holiday season that makes me want to bake ALL of the things! I can blame it on my love of Hallmark Movies or maybe just the fact that the holidays usually involves a lot of indulgence, either way–I love getting creative in the kitchen!

These fun a festive Santa hat Christmas Cupcakes are super fun to make with kids! The recipe features a cocoa buttercream frosting perfect for the season! The red and green inside makes a fun treat for kids! #holidaybaking #christmascupcakes #

There are so many fun things to bake during the holiday months, and the best part is you can get the kids involved too! For some extra fun, I have included some fun cupcake toppers for you to use as well. 

Free Printable Christmas Cupcake Toppers

Baking cupcakes is such a fun way to share my love of cake with others! Cupcakes have such a delicious and sweet flavor, but sometimes I want something slightly different from your traditional cupcake.

These adorable Christmas Cupcake Toppers are such a fun and easy treat that your family, friends, or anyone will enjoy! You could even use these Christmas Cupcake Toppers as a fun way to dress up your bake sale treats, or even make a fun dessert for an event or party.

With these Christmas Cupcake Toppers, you’ll have an easy and simple idea that takes your Christmas Cupcakes to the next level.

All you need are these adorable cupcake toppers and your favorite cupcake recipe to make this easy and festive
cupcake recipe!

While all of these cupcake toppers are made to have a Christmas theme, there are plenty that would work for winter or even other winter holidays. These versatile cupcake toppers would work well for Hanukkah cupcakes or other winter-themed cupcakes as well–Just omit some of the more Christmas-themed ones.

These cupcake toppers would be perfect for making a quick sweet treat for your neighbors or anyone else in your community! However, once you have this printable, you can keep using them for years without worrying about laminating them!

These Christmas Tree Cupcakes are so fun and festive! You can use store bought or your own homemade cupcake recipe for these delicious treats! They are perfect for holiday parties, bake sales and so much more. The pretty green color makes it super attractive to anyone!

Forget the stress of holiday baking, and stick with something easy this year! These Christmas Cupcake Toppers are so pretty and festive that no one will notice that they’re just a simple cupcake! Making these toppers the perfect way to disguise your regular cupcake recipe into a festive Christmas cupcake!

Click here to download your Free Printable Christmas Cupcake Toppers.

Then check out some awesome Christmas Cupcakes that you will love to make this holiday season!

20+ Incredible Christmas Cupcake Recipes

Looking for some awesome and festive Christmas Cupcakes? Don't worry you will find some awesome options on this list!

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