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Basic Tips For Planning The Day + A Free Printable Daily Planner

The day can get away from us so quickly sometimes, here is a free printable daily planner you can use to keep yourself organized and on track.

Free Printable Daily Planner

Planning your day in advance is the best way to ensure that you don’t waste your time during the day. This allows you to work in alignment with your energy level, start each day, knowing exactly what to do, and focus on your priorities.

Prepare For Your Day

A good day is prepared the day before. Consider both your program long term or medium term, and emergency, large or small, to be expected for the coming day. Check your agenda.

Check the various tasks of the day carefully. Prepare useful documents. Plan the steps to be taken with all the necessary precautions for better efficiency. Now that you’ve validated your appointment schedule and created your prioritized to-do list for the day, you can take your planning even further by scheduling blocks of time to accomplish some of your tasks.

The idea is to plan blocks of time to perform certain tasks and ensure the completion within a specified time frame.

Do The Most Important stuff first

When you must choose among what you need to do, first choose the shortest ones to be carried out… You will quickly get rid of them. And you can focus on the trickier tasks.

How to choose between difficult or off-putting and easier or more enjoyable tasks? Better to do the first ones first, when you are most “in shape.” The others, especially if they are really easy and enjoyable, will then proceed quite naturally.

Get rid of the Junk

At various times of the day – and even as often as possible! – try to eliminate unnecessary tasks. Abbreviate “time- eaters,” especially inappropriate phone calls. See what tasks can be delegated or better distributed, whether in your work environment or within the family.

Try not to waste time on “common tasks “—examples: housework, shopping, checking your mail, or browsing the Internet. Get organized to schedule them well and ship them quickly.

Plan well the tasks and sequences such as telephone calls or interviews. Refine your note-taking techniques so as not to overlook anything important.

Try to master both traditional written instruments (tablets, notebooks, or files) and new techniques (your computer and your electronic diary). And the “post-its” are also a very nice invention. 

Stay focused

Try not to disperse yourself. Avoid having to go back several times to the same task. In principle, a task should be treated thoroughly. If you have to come back to it, you may waste both time and energy. We must, therefore, act quickly and fully, striving to avoid external interruptions.

Take time for yourself

Also, organize breaks, rest, or recovery. Alternate modest moderations as well as corporeal exercises. It is usually well-thought-out that continual care can only be drilled for an hour.

And if you are working on a screen, don’t forget to take a short break for your eyes every 10 minutes (possibly with small eye gymnastics exercises).

Make a clear distinction between “free” activities and obligations incurred. However, many can be discussed or rearranged, especially those relating to your workstation.

Always be ready to make the necessary adjustments. To redistribute tasks if an unforeseen obligation arises. And organize the work well as a team or as a family.

Here is your free Daily Planner Printable download that will help you organize your daily tasks!

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Tuesday 7th of March 2023