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New Year Scavenger Hunt Game – Free Printable Family Fun

Here is a fun game that the family can play on New Year’s Eve or Day! This New Year Scavenger Hunt is fun to play inside or even virtually with family and friends!

Who doesn’t love a really good scavenger hunt?  New Year’s Day is a great time to play fun games as we all lead into a New Year.

Create new traditions with the family by talking about what you might want to do in the New year and playing fun games like this Candy Dice Game that fun and filled with sweets!

Even though a lot of us have spent a lot of this year indoors, New Year’s Eve is still such a fun time of anticipation and excitement. We are all hoping for a better year next year where our dreams and goals come to fruition!

How To Play Virtually

This New Year’s Scavenger Hunt is fun to play virtually. You can send everyone the PDF beforehand, they print it out and each participating web conference member can produce each item for everyone to see! Just be sure not to send it too early, or everyone might have the items ready when you play!

Another way to do it, is have ONE person call out each item so no one know what is coming next. Then write down the name of the person next to the item they find first. There could be a fun grand prize of a $10 Amazon gift card or something else that is fun!

What are some of the items on the New Year Scavenger Hunt Printable?


Party Popper

Champagne Glass


Noise Maker

Something Sparkly




…and more!

Download your New Year’s Scavenger Hunt here and have a safe and prosperous New Year!

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