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20 Air Fryer Thanksgiving Recipes You Need This Year

As you start to plan your Thanksgiving dinner, there are so many ways to utilize your air fryer as best as possible during this busy time. Here are 20 awesome Air Fryer Thanksgiving Recipes that your family will enjoy!

I have a Ninja Foodi and that comes with an Instant Pot (Pressure Cooker) function and an Air Fryer function. I use the Air Fryer at least 5 times a week — sometimes twice a day! We use it for Breakfast, Lunch and Dinner. We make amazing food so quickly and without much hassle. From sweets to full entrees, the option are endless!

Thanksgiving is such a great time to make old favorites but also try something new! There are so many fun things you can make for breakfast, like these awesome Apple Fritters, or even this Air Fryer Salsa for an easy appetizer.

I have included some of my favorite recipes from all over the web to help you plan a great dinner! If you are like me where all 4 stovetops are usually occupied on Thanksgiving, and air fryer dish (or two) is a great option!

20 Air Fryer Thanksgiving Recipes You Need This Year

Here is how you can put your air fryer to use with these awesome air fryer thanksgiving recipes!

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