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This weekend the family and I took a 2 hours drive out of the concrete jungle and went apple picking in Highland, New York at Dubois Farms.

I really hadn’t been apple picking before, I remember vaguely going to see pumpkins with my junior high school but I had never had any interest in it as an adult.
Taking the kids this time was great because a) it was a beautiful day (I mean, just perfect weather) and b) My toddler (just like most kids) love doing something fun and new.

I loved the fact that they had eye level apples so that he could pick his own apples without having to pick them from a tree.

My infant couldn’t get in the fun, but he did try to give some to his dad 🙂

I’m not sure why I was so sparkly at the farms, I just know that we woke up late and I grabbed whatever was hanging in the closet 🙂

 He REALLY loved this tractor, he is still talking about it!

I wasn’t expecting to have such a good time at the farms but we really enjoyed ourselves!
How was your weekend?

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