Gobble Gobble = In-Law Drama

The holidays are here! I’m one of those people who adore the holidays, okay, maybe I am a bit obsessed. I love it all! The décor, the excitement, the countdown… Thanksgiving to me is a beautiful holiday, combining food and laughter and family…what more could a girl ask for? Except this thanksgiving holiday will be […]

Unwanted Commentary!

So the comments at almost nine months along are starting to become QUITE the annoyance. Before I continue I would like to let everyone know that I am (very) aware of the following: I do have a slight limp these days that may be considered a waddle My belly IS poking out quite far and […]

Mommy Anxiety!

So as I approach my ninth month of pregnancy I’m beginning to realize that I am about to be a real mom. Well weren’t you a real mom before? Of course. Being a first time mommy is awesome, when you learn the fun tricks of quieting a cranky, colicky newborn, and you learn how to […]

A BAM Book Review: Then Came You by Jennifer Weiner

Let me just preface this by saying I am a huge Jennifer Weiner fan. She is a FIMH (Friend in my head) and I often refer to her as “J. Dubb”. I have read many–if not all–of her books but one think about Jdubb is that the novels are usually completely different so you never […]