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When Your Blogger Friends Become Girlfriends



Girl time is a necessity. Similar to eating and showering–time spent with girlfriends is just mandatory. It slows down the crazy and pauses all the madness for shared giggles and understanding nods. The men are wonderful,  really they are, but the girls…they keep us going.

So when my girls KimCass and Patty all agreed to dinner,  I was so excited! We went to Seraphina, a fun Italian Restaurant on the upper west side. I had never been so I ate very lightly earlier in the day to compensate for the good eating I’d be doing later.


After we all got there and the exchange of hugs and kisses were given, we finally got to ordering. We got bruschetta as an appetizer… I haven’t had bruschetta in forever and this was exceptional!


seraphina nyc

We pretty much talked about everything,  including the potential blogging conferences we will be attending, kids,  husbands, news–you name it!!

Finally our entrees were ready!


You guys already know I am a steak and potatoes kind of gal so I had some of that. :)

I had such a good time with these girls. I just adore them!  It was so nice to see them outside of a blogging event, just us,  hanging out and having fun.



We even put a potential special project in the works that I am crazy excited about-so send us positive vibes so that we can make it happen!

When is the last time you had girl time??



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Schnelle "Nellie" Acevedo is a busy mom of two young boys (2 and 4), she is a career woman by day and a self proclaimed fitness junkie by night. Brooklyn Active Mama is  a positive community that focuses on demonstrating to all women that you can always find time for fitness. She features a Weekly Wednesday Workout and a Friday Fitness Check-in series where she encourages her readers to check in and remain accountable for their fitness and nutrition goals weekly. In addition to getting in the gym 5 times weekly, Nellie became inspired to become a licensed Zumba instructor at Fitbloggin' 12. She now teaches a regular high energy Saturday Zumba class in Brooklyn. Since beginning to blog Nellie has lost 27lbs (and counting)! You can find Nellie on TwitterInstagramFacebookPinterest, & Google Plus.

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  1. Good luck! I love girl’s nights. They are so refreshing….with the right I’d of course, lol. Looks like you all had a blast!
    Joi recently posted…Full-time Work, Church, and Full-time MomMy Profile

  2. That is so great! I can’t wait to meet up with you someday!! I want to plan a “workout party” trip to the city with all my fav NYC bloggers and you’re at the top of that list. I’m sending all my good vibes for your project – can’t wait to see what you ladies come up with!!
    Allie recently posted…A Wedding WeekendMy Profile

  3. So happy you got to do this and definitely got my fingers crossed for you to make this special project happen and come ti life now!! :)

  4. Sounds like y’all had an awesome time!!! Can’t wait to see what your project is going to be!!!
    Kim recently posted…Veteran’s DayMy Profile

  5. Good food. Good friends. Perfect night. Hope to link up with everyone again soon! I am wholeheartedly convinced that blog friends make some of the best IRL friends.
    Kimberly recently posted…Mindfulness Moments: Happiness ListMy Profile

  6. The food and company look amazing. So glad you all had a wonderful time.
    Kita recently posted…I want a bootyMy Profile

  7. I haven’t had a real girls night in a WHILE — I’m LONG overdue!! Looks like you guys had a fabulous time!

  8. Ahh, girl time. The best!! I had a good night out with a friend recently. We gossiped for hours. I do find that my blogging friends have become “friends” too. Even though we’re all scattered geographically, I still might be talking about one of you to my husband or something and I’ll say, “Oh! My friend just wrote about that!” Not. “Oh, I read that on a blog!”
    He must think I’m nuts.
    I wish I could do something like this soon! Maybe Michelle will hang out with me again.
    Tamara recently posted…Love Share.My Profile

    • LOL Tamara! I totally do the same thing, to the point where my hubby asks, a blog friend or a real friend–of course I tell him BOTH!

  9. SO MUCH FUN!! :) And that food looks delicious!-Ashley
    thedoseofreality recently posted…Born To Make A DifferenceMy Profile

  10. The 4 of your girls. Some of my favorite blogger-peeps. I’m jealous of you New York chicks! I wanna hang out, too!! ((sobs uncontrollably))
    Yum Yucky recently posted…The Living Plank Ab WorkoutMy Profile

  11. Girlfriends are the best. I haven’t had a girls night out in while though! The food looks delish. Looking forward to hearing about your project.
    Miranda recently posted…The Week and My Mini Coupon HaulMy Profile

  12. OH
    Miz recently posted…Watching what our BRAINS eat.My Profile

  13. Love this! I am so excited to meet some of my bloggy buddies in person in the next few weeks!! And girl time is AWESOME!
    Nicole recently posted…Happy 10th Birthday, MacAfeeMy Profile

  14. Looks like a great night! I love girl time!
    FitBritt recently posted…Toned Thighs and Lifted Buns: A New Barre WorkoutMy Profile

  15. Okay Nellie, this is food porn! The food looks scrumptious! I’m all about girl time! Got together with my GGs (godly girlfriends) for the birthday of one of them in early October. We sure don’t do that enough, but when we do, we make it happen!
    Alison recently posted…International Day of Prayer for the Persecuted ChurchMy Profile

  16. Oh my goodness this is so awesome! I so want to meet my blog friends! This looks like you all had a wonderful time and this food looks sensational! Yummmmy! Hahaha! I love seeing when my blog buddies get to meet up! It’s definitely in my mind that I need to get to at least a conference soon to meet some of you all. :)
    Brittnei recently posted…Does the Blog World Have Color Barriers?My Profile

  17. That’s super nice! I often meet up with BLM Girls while travelling. Sidenote: Has anyone ever said you favor Gabby Douglass? Or rather, she favors you? It just hit me in that last pic!
    EbonyCPrincess recently posted…Breaking Through My Length PlateauMy Profile

    • ha my hubby is the only one that has said that, I looked at him like he was crazy but I guess now that I have heard the same thing twice I gotta take it back haha

  18. You are so right! Girt time is essential to keep us sane in the midst of our everyday on -the- go lives! I’m sending positive vibes and blessings your way for your project! :)
    Sherelle recently posted…Blog Confessions: Where’s My Mojo?My Profile

  19. It’s so awesome that your blog friends are your girl friends. Girls time is most definitely needed. I’m past due for one. I’ll just enjoy yours for now :) Thanks for sharing Nellie
    Hope recently posted…Bye-bye aftercare, hello car-lineMy Profile

  20. I’ve walked passed Serafina more than a few times and never had it the food looks really good. Hey Ladies!!! I so understand the need for girl time can’t wait to see what you have planned…good luck!
    Candace recently posted…Weekly AmbitionsMy Profile

  21. I LOVE this post! I had the best time with you girls! So fun! We have to do it again! :)
    Patty recently posted…Preparing For The Sugar DetoxMy Profile

  22. i had such a great time with you ladies and can’t wait for us to do it again.. and yes girl, can’t wait to projects that are underway!
    Losing in the City recently posted…How I Became a Happily Empowered Women – A Special Guest PostMy Profile

  23. Well, it’s 2013 and I graduated high school in 1988. LOL! I don’t really have any girlfriends. I do have one friend I adore but we mostly talk on Facebook or over the phone even though she’s right around the corner.
    Carla recently posted…Grow Your Blog & Make Money with SverveMy Profile

  24. Nothing like taking online relationships offline. I have met some amazing people through blogging. Food looks delicious and I’m sure you all had a great time.
    Mimi recently posted…Quick Dinner: Chicken AlfredoMy Profile

  25. It looks like a great night and your food pics are making me hungry!!! I love my girlsfriends too…it’s been fun to actually meet and spend time with so many of my online buds! And I have a great network right here where I live as well…don’t know what I’d do without my birthday club girls.
    Michelle recently posted…A Sense of Fair PlayMy Profile

  26. that looks like such a fun dinner. my book club is always good girl time!
    catherine gacad recently posted…Money Monday: Devastation in the PhilippinesMy Profile

  27. This is so awesome. If I lived near you we would totally be real life friends :)
    pegster recently posted…Fun times in Kitchener, CanadaMy Profile

  28. Love that you got to hang out like that, the pictures make me want to go there…NOW! Can’t wait to find out about your big project!
    Stephanie recently posted…Figuring Out My WhyMy Profile

  29. It looks like an amazing time. I do not get to hang ut with any of my blogging buddies.
    Debi recently posted…11/24 Sunday Coupon Insert Previews RP/SS – (National)My Profile

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