A Whirlwind 27 Hours, A Lifetime of Memories

I mentioned last week that I was going to Tampa for my cousins wedding last weekend.  The crazy part about it was that I would only be in Tampa for 27 hours! So you know I had to make the very best of every minute right?!


My flight from NY was so good! After the drama I went through getting back from Atlanta,  I was expecting the worse. I must say, JetBlue was not only on time but they had the best service and the air quality in the plane was fantastic. I’m thinking it is worth the extra $ to fly JetBlue any time that I can!

I traveled with my mom,  aunt and cousin.  I didn’t bring the boys because there were no kids allowed at the reception.

When we arrived that Caribbean air was just fantastic,  Palm trees everywhere and a sense of relaxation was present.  It was so beautiful.

When we arrived at the westin, my family had pretty much taken over the lobby so we spent a while just catching up (my family is ginormous yall).

We were hungry so we decided to get some grub, Bahama Breeze was right down the way so we walked on over.


The best part about the restaurant is was the view! Right over the water,  it reminded me of my favorite restaurants in Jamaica.

The food was fantastic. I had an amazing fruity drink with all kinds of fresh fruit mixed in. So good!







After lunch,  we all headed back to go hang out and finally get ready for the wedding.

Finally it was time! The wedding started on time to the second! The bridal party and the bride,  of course we’re beautiful! I’m not posting any pics of the couple because I didn’t get permission BUT My God son’s face however–priceless, so it more than makes up for it :)



The wedding, like the restaurant, was over looking the water. So beautiful!

After the ceremony we went in for cocktail hour and yes it was time for pictures (and I gave all disclaimers before shooting lol!)







The reception was so much fun as I got the spend time with my favorite cousin who is more like my sister the entire evening.


Surprisingly enough,  I didn’t cry! I DID get teary eyed when the brides family (who is Samoan) did a cultural dance for her where we all showered her with money. It is a tradition similar to some African cultures. It was such a happy and love filled moment.


The couple also had an amazing photobooth that we couldn’t get enough of!


We sent them off with a bubble farewell and the evening ended perfectly.

The next morning,  I got up,  worked out in the hotel gym and it was okay. I’ve seen better hotel gyms,  but this one worked for what it was. We had breakfast at the hotel buffet and I am convinced that breakfast buffets are my most favorite thing ever!

The trip back home was again, phenomenal. JetBlue is my new BFF.

Been to any weddings recently? What is your favorite airline? Have you ever heard of the tradition of throwing money on the bride?



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  1. Never heard of throwing money at the bride, but wish they would have thrown some my way back in the day. Seriously, doesn’t sound like a bad tradition to me at all in the least! I will say looked like a great time and so glad the Jet Blue took care of you on both flights!
    Janine recently posted…Maximize Your Potential Blog Revenue By Utilizing Your Blog SidebarMy Profile

  2. LOVELOVELOVELOVE all the pictures.
    and yes.
    Id get remarried if people would toss money.
    to the same man i mean :-)
    Miz recently posted…I sleep like a toddler.My Profile

  3. Gorgeous pictures and you look amazing in that pink dress!!!
    It sounds like an incredible weekend of fun and family – so glad you shared it with us!!
    Kim recently posted…Resistance Bands or Weights?My Profile

  4. Love that dress girl the color yes ma’am. I have not been to a wedding in a while but this one looks like fun I know you didn’t get much sleep cause I know I would be to keyed up and excited.
    Kita recently posted…Zaza…the second mamaMy Profile

  5. Breakfast buffets are definitely my favorite ever! And JetBlue is pretty much the only airline I fly when I’m in charge. They’re actually the cheapest usually for me. We’re going to Disney this winter and the roundtrip fares are incredible!

    Looks like so much fun. Wish I had been showered with money at my wedding! I suppose I was, but they put it in cards instead. Boo!
    Tamara recently posted…Look Ma, No Hands!My Profile

  6. Oh this looks like so much fun! I hear you on airlines man. We always fly American because it’s what my husband flies for work so he has a lot of points and they partner with Qantas which is the biggest airline in Australia (where he is from). It’s ok but not the best. We’ll see what happens when they merge with US Airways. The last wedding I went to was in October and it was also a destination wedding. I just feel like there is something so fun and relaxing about going away for a wedding. It def looks like you had a fabulous time!
    FitBritt recently posted…Stay Hot When the Temperatures DropMy Profile

  7. This sounded like a beautiful wedding with perfect weather to match! I almost ate at Bahama Breeze for my birthday. I love that place! I’m so glad you had a good flight. How did you feel about the Adult- only reception? I’m thinking of doing that for mine, but am curious as to how parents would feel.
    Sherelle recently posted…29, I Welcome YouMy Profile

    • It was beautiful weather!! I’ll be honest I was sad that I couldn’t bring the boys. They would have loved to hang out. At my wedding I had plenty of children, it added to the fun!

  8. You guys had a blast, Nellie! The pink dress is the business, girl. You wear it well!
    Alison recently posted…The lifter of my headMy Profile

  9. Love all the colors especially your dress! Yes, in Nigerian culture it’s appropriate to “dash” the bride and couple with $ and at other festivities too like baby showers. About airlines Virgin is my fave but I’m not feeling their new safety video – not that it really matters as long as their OTP and customer service is great. Anyway glad you had a fab time!
    Quiana recently posted…Sick DayMy Profile

  10. That shrimp dish looks soooo yuumy!!
    I LOVE the photos!! You did such a good job!!!

  11. That sounds like a whirlwind of a weekend! Love the pictures! Your family looks so happy and filled with love! Thanks for sharing!
    Lorraine recently posted…T25 – Week 1 ReviewMy Profile

  12. You look good Nellie! Sexy mama! This wedding looked like it was a ball! That food didn’t look half bad either.
    Andrea recently posted…A Woman Is A Man’s Best Accessory?My Profile

  13. Those photo booths are all the rage tees days. They are pretty fun! I love family reunions for whatever the occasion. You all look happy to be together. I love weddings and I would welcome ppl throwing money at me for my wedding, tradition or not :)
    Joi recently posted…Prolapse of the Lady BitsMy Profile

  14. You are looking HOT in that dress! I love weddings that have traditions thrown in, makes it a little more special. :) We were at a wedding not long ago that had a photo booth and the pictures coming out of it were priceless. So glad you had a wonderful, albeit short, time with family.
    Anita recently posted…Trial Tuesday and an Itemized List #3My Profile

  15. the food pics have me starving… the ring bearers face – classic.

    you are working that dress! Looks like such a fun wedding!
    Cam recently posted…In Good CompanyMy Profile

  16. You looked great! Your god-son was totally anti-ring bearer duties. Love the pictures.
    Jenni recently posted…Wordless WednesdayMy Profile

  17. that is one wedding i would have loved to crash. so much insanity!

  18. You looked beautiful! And it looks like you had a great time. 27 hours? That must have been a whirlwind trip! Glad you had fun!
    Stephanie recently posted…Asparagus Mushroom QuinoaMy Profile

  19. How awesome is this. Good thing you were able to make it to Tampa for your cousin’s wedding, you look amazing in that pink dress by the way.

    Looks like such a grand old time. I love weddings
    pegster recently posted…Girls weekend in VA BeachMy Profile

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