Interview With Ruben Studdard on Life After Biggest Loser & His New Album!


I LOVE the Biggest Loser, I have the only crush on one of the trainers and I am a big fan of the transformations (when done in a healthy way of course!) So when one of my favorite R&B singers Ruben Studdard was on the show it was a perfect combination for me!

I was able to have the honor of interviewing Ruben on his AMAZING weight loss journey and his upcoming album. You can listen below, and/or read the transcript of our conversation!

Me: Hi Ruben!

RS: Hi, How are you?

Me: Good how are you?

RS: I’m great thank you

ME: I am a blogger at Brooklyn Active Mama and my readership is primarily moms and healthy and fitness lovers. Let’s get into our first question!

How has the transition been since leaving the biggest loser ranch? Do you still keep in touch with the other contestants?

RS: I keep in touch with the ones I was close with {laugh} Honestly, like any other situation or show or anything that you do, you never really talk with everyone that you work with, we are all friends but I still talk with  the people I was close to when I was on the ranch before.

Me: Do you have a favorite type of cardio?

RS: Its a class that I have grown to love, and its only available in a couple states, its called Soulcycle

Me: We LOVE soulcycle!

RS: Yes it’s amazing, I was really fallen in love with it so whenever I am in NY or LA I’m always at a soulcycle club.

Me: We love soulcycle, there is another club in NY that’s similar called Flywheel, you should try that too!

RS: Okay, cool.

Me: So how much weight have you lost so far?

RS: I lost 119 pounds on the show and I have lost 8-9 pounds since. I think I’ve probably lost more but I have been on the road and I really haven’t had a chance to keep up with the numbers. I just know my clothes are bigger {laughs}

Me: Thats always a good sign!

RS: Its really hard to keep up with the numbers when you are travelling as much as I do.


Me: of course, and that actually leads into my next question…

My audience is full of busy women and we know that you are a very busy artist, so we want to know how do you fit in your workouts?

RS: Its really never a good time, especially people who are travelling and jetlagged,  I have meetings and all that stuff. I jut need to figure out when I am going to have an hour and a half where I have nothing going on. Even though you have to grunt and moan sometimes to get yourself down there after you get down there you feel better. There is no particular set time where I can go to the gym, this week I am in rehearsals for my tour that tart on the 5th. I have interviews now, so I have about an hour between interviews and rehearsals to workout, shower, get in the car and go to rehearsals.

Me: So you have days that are long and never ending, do you have a special power snack that gets you through those recording sessions?

RS: I’m a fruit guy. Most people try to have protein bars, I like bananas and I just try to keep fruit around in the studio.

Me: okay, so bananas are your favorite?

RS: Bananas and grapes, they keep my energy level up.

Me: Speaking of music, congratulations on your latest album!

RS: Thank you

Me: Which track is your favorite and why?

RS: I have to say its the duet that I did with lalah Hathaway. If this world were mine. It is a favorite of mine because I have been a fan of hers for such a long time and I finally have the opportunity to work with her. Its a dream come true, all these things that I have wished for aloud are actually happening. Its cool to watch those things happen. To be on a song with her is one of those things I really wanted to happen.

Me: What is your number one health tip for people like myself who are on a weight loss/healthy living journey?

RS: {laughs} Its so funny that people ask me for weight loss tips when I’m trying to lose weight! I guess the only thing I can say to people is keep moving. A lot of times people try to do one with out the other–diet without exercise–or exercise without eating right. It has to work together, it has to go in motion at the same time. Try to stick with it and don’t stretch yourself too thin, its not really as hard as people make it seem to be its really about making better choices.

Me: Thank you so much for your time today Reuben!


Ruben is offering an exclusive, limited time discount to get his new album “Unconditional Love” for $4.99. Go to:  and enter code: ULOVE50 to get a copy today. I suggest you share this code with your family, friends and community of readers as Mother’s Day is right around the corner and would make a great gift!

What is your favorite Ruben Studdard song? Do you agree with his healthy living advice?



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  1. Although I have to say that I don’t listen to his music, I’m a huge fan of his. He seems like such a REAL guy and is very realistic about his weight loss journey. I love his “keep it simple” attitude and how easy going he seems. Great job Mama!!
    Allie recently posted…The Rundown: Hill Repeats That Almost Killed MeMy Profile

  2. Wonderful interview and will agree it is diet and exercise combined that truly help in staying fit!! :)
    Janine Huldie recently posted…Might Just Find You Get What You Need, Peeps!My Profile

  3. great interview! I love how Reuben has always kept it real about his weight loss journey! Im a HUGE fan !!

  4. Awww, I love Reuben… my favorite album is the one where is remakes a bunch of old R&B/Jazz standards. That’s a go-to for me at work.
    Kimberly (Manifest Yourself) recently posted…Journey to Wellness// #PUMAFitnessMy Profile

  5. Love him ever since Idol don’t feel he gets the love he deserves I didn’t even know he had a new album I have his first one. Great interview with him.
    Kita recently posted…Introducing Mad Lady MarketingMy Profile

  6. I don’t know his music but I am squealing for you! I started playing the sound byte but it was too loud and Des is napping, so I’m happy you included the transcript too.
    This is so cool!!
    Tamara recently posted…My Writing Process.My Profile

  7. Oh – this was awesome!! I’ve been a Reuben fan since he was on American Idol and I followed his journey on Biggest Loser, too. Glad he is still losing!!!
    Thanks for sharing interview!
    Kim recently posted…Remember – Have Fun!My Profile

  8. That is so awesome you got to interview Ruben! I totally agree with his advice that you have to combine diet and exercise. One alone will not work. If I could I would just exercise! But in reality, I do feel better when I eat healthy! Great interview!
    FitBritt recently posted…Cupcakes, the Circus and How to Get Rid of Cellulite with BlissMy Profile

  9. Oh, I love Ruben, you are a rockstar lady. Interview Ruben, what what.
    pegster recently posted…Spring is finally hereMy Profile

  10. Very cool Nellie! I am happy to see he is on the right track. The right combination of diet and exercise it the way to go. Good for him!
    Kristina Walters recently posted…Half Marathon Training Update – Week TwelveMy Profile

  11. So excited for you, Nellie! Ruben is a cool dude. Will listen to the interview when I get home. Hugs, Ali
    Alison recently posted…No “shade” from the SonMy Profile

  12. Congrats on this, Nellie! Great job. I have always been a fan of Ruben Studdard. I still remember jumping up and down in my living room when he won American Idol. His weight loss is inspiring.
    Kimberly H. Smith recently posted…How to Get More Swag for Your BuckMy Profile

  13. Cool interview! I don’t watch the show but I saw him years ago on Idol:) Love Reuben!
    Joi recently posted…Go Where the Fire is, NOT Where You Wish it Would BeMy Profile

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