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An Unexpected Teachable Moment at Universoul Circus

The universoul circus is so fun and I was taught a wonderful lesson by being called to the stage and here is how it all went!


The circus is a timeless tradition for me, I don’t remember a year in my childhood that I didn’t go. Whether it was from my family, school, church–I went to see the circus at least once and some years there were multiple visits!

This year we decided to visit the Universoul Circus and it was only 15 minutes away and it has classically been my favorite of them all! I bought my tickets early so we would have the best seats as I know the circus is extremely interactive with the crowd. Unlike shows like Disney On Ice and Ringling Brothers, the acts come into the crowd and entertain us very much in person. I had no idea that picking those great seats would land me in the middle of the circus ring. More on that later!


The Universoul Circus is very different from all other circuses. First there is the music, they intro with soca songs which got the crowd jumping. Then they play lots of old school and current songs that are so fun! The cast is very diverse and when you attend this circus you feel like you are a part of the show immediately.

The boys were crazy excited to watch, there were several points during  the show where they encouraged the kids to get up and dance, of course this is what we do at home everyday so we didn’t need any push to get our groove on 🙂


In addition to the intimate feel of the circus, the acts were just as impressive as the bigger circuses. Here are some of my favorite pictures:

IMG_4303 IMG_4318
IMG_4290 IMG_4252

Getting in the ring

It might have been the fact that I had great seats, or maybe it was my crazy pants, or maybe I attract crazy–but the ring master chose 4 random people from the audience to be a part of the show. I was the only girl! They put the spotlight on me and encouraged the crowd to applaud to get me out of my seat. I got up and went out there with a big smile although I was terrified–for couple of reasons 1) my eldest was watching very closely and I wanted to teach him that you can do things that you are afraid to do and 2) I didn’t want to say no and regret it later.


The ringmaster had us do so many things! It was all quite hilarious. He had me strut across the ring (hair flip and all) then he had me squat crazy low and play the pretend piano. Oh my. I heard all the women in the crowd encouraging me so I gave it the best I had!


I was glad I swallowed my fear and used it as a teachable moment for my boy. Sometimes he gets really shy and I wanted to show him that he can let him guard down and have some fun sometimes too. He was so excited when I came back to my seat and he even told me to go back out there a couple of times!

The Universoul Circus is certainly worth every dime if you want an interactive, high energy, good time with your family.

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Have you ever been to Universoul Circus? What was your latest Teachable Moment?

rohit aggarwal

Thursday 8th of August 2019

thanks for the information


Thursday 8th of May 2014

You are so brave. I probably would have dropped to the floor and low crawled out of there!

catherine gacad

Wednesday 7th of May 2014

nellie, that looks like so much fun!!! i love the circus.


Tuesday 6th of May 2014

My children loved this circus. I have never seen my baby fight his nap in all my life but he was so entertained. My little girl loved this one above all the rest! I love how you were picked to go on the stage! They really have you do some crazy stuff but it's all fun! I love how you were able to show your son that yes you can do something that you haven't tried before, AND do it awesome!


Tuesday 6th of May 2014

I loved going to the circus when I was younger. I haven't gone in a while but this makes me want to change that very soon!

I love that you went up regardless of your fear. I get a little nervous in front of a lot of people so I am hoping that I would have done the same but I have a feeling I would have declined and regretted it later. Glad you did not!

You also took some great pictures!