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Free Spring Break Bucket List Printable

Just like that Spring is upon us, we are losing an hour of sleep for daylight savings time, and the cold temps will slowly start to turn into warm ones. Today I am sharing some easy tips to start enjoying spring right away plus a fun spring break bucket list printable!

Change the order of your clothes in the closet:

Take the short sleeves on the right side of your clothes to the winter wool skirts in the middle, because you never know when it might get cold again! In between season is tricky for the wardrobe but be prepared for the warmer days by having your clothes ready.

Change your winter candles with snowflakes to bright pastel candles:

Put away Frosty the Snowman and replace him with Easter decorations, St Patrick’s Day celebrations, or something springier.

Plan your cruise or next island vacation:

That should get you thinking about buying a new suit, and a nice springy outfit. Perhaps, if it’s warm enough start exercising for the vacation in St. Lucia. If not, workout on YouTube or an exercise class at the gym. It’s good for your health, and it’s good for attitude.

Spring cleaning-out with the old, in with the new.

Get rid of clothing styles that you haven’t worn for 1-2 years. The old VCRS, gaming consoles and technology that can’t be used anymore such as analog television sets.

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Your personal library is calling.

We are all guilty of collecting books over the years. How many of us have all of our college books on a shelf somewhere? Plus there are tons of books you might have read that can be donated or gifted to a friend. Books take up a LOT of space, get rid of some of them!

Go Green

Order your flowers for the garden or get your ideas going about what trees and shrubs you want to plant. Perhaps, go to a landscaping website, and take a look at what others are doing to make their curbside appeal put a “spring in your step.”

Organizing your tool box, garden tools, lawn mowers, trimmers:

They need to be available for that first big day in the yard. Are your lawnmowers blades sharpened, your gloves for planting flowers in one piece, can you find your gloves, or perhaps you’re riding lawnmower keys?

Spring Break Bucket List

Today I’ve got a fun spring bucket list printable for you! So many times the days can go so fast that before you know it, the weather is cold again! So here is a list for you and I challenge you to complete it!

Here are some of the tasks you can do!

Go on a picnic

Play Mini Golf

Watch the Sunset

Make lemonade

Visit an ice cream shop

…and so much more!

Plus I’ve included a blank page so you can create your own spring memories!

Download your Spring Break Bucket List here!