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Socially Distanced Random Acts Of Kindness – Free Printable Checklist

Looking for small ways to be a blessing this holiday season while staying safe? Check out these safe Random Acts of Kindness that you can do!

Doing genuinely nice things for others can boost your self-esteem while making people feel good about themselves at the same time.

Even during times when social distancing is a must due to the global pandemic, you can complete Acts of Kindness that will make such a big difference in the lives of many.

Random Acts of Kindness

Times are tough for many people this holiday season. With so many people struggling, taking the time out of your day to do Acts of Kindness is a great way to make a difference for the people around you. 

Whether you want to help a neighbor, a local family, or someone else in need of some assistance this holiday season, there is always someone who could use the help you are willing to provide.

Even the smallest and simplest gestures would mean more than you know to those who receive these Random Acts of Kindness.

How to Offer Random Acts of Holiday Kindness While Social Distancing

You may wonder how to offer Acts of Kindness to people during a time when individuals should socially distance themselves from those who do not live in the household with them. 

The list provided includes tons of activities you can complete to help others, such as walking your neighbor’s dog for them if they are unable to do it themselves. Or even dropping a present off in the mailbox of someone in need. 

A great one is paying for the meal of the person behind you when you are riding in the drive-thru at a fast-food joint. 

These small acts of kindness can put a smile on the recipient’s face and change their entire day for the better. You never know who is going through something worse than yourself, so it does not hurt to provide some Random Acts of holiday Kindness.

I think we can all agree that we could all use some kindness after such an insane year, yes?

Check out this printable for some great ideas, and make sure to have fun.

Click here to download your Random Acts of Holiday Kindness Checklist!