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Senses Spa On The Disney Dream | Review

The Senses Spa experience on the Disney Dream is perfect for every spa lover. From the facilities to the treatments, here is a fun review of my experience.

Disney Dream Senses Spa Review

We booked the Disney Dream for our daughter’s 5th birthday. The trip was all about her and what she wanted to do! On Day 3 I got a bit of pixie dust sprinkled and was presented with a $50 gift card for the Senses Spa.

I had it in the back of my mind to visit the spa, but truly didn’t know if I’d have the time. The gift card was certainly a good way to make it a priority. Brilliant marketing on Disney’s behalf I must say.

Once I got the gift card, Hubby encouraged me to go check it out and see if there was anything I wanted to get done. SAY LESS HUSBAND! My boys were at the kids/teen activities and my daughter had more characters to see. Translation: Mom was FREE!

Senses Spa Review

As I approached the Senses Spa there were three really nice women outside to help greet and guide me in. The spa was WAY more massive than any spa I’ve been to. I go for massages at least quarterly (if not more frequently here in NYC). The gym was adjacent and was overlooking the vast sea.

Disney Dream Senses Spa Review

Choosing A Massage

They had plenty of massages to choose from, I decided on the 50 minute bamboo massage because WHY NOT. They all sounded glorious to be honest, but something about the bamboo sounded spectacular. The 50 minute was the cheapest option at $199 + gratuities.

Once I gave them my room number for charges, the staff guided me to the locker room where they told me to get undressed, gave me a robe and meet them in another room to fill out paperwork and such.

I was completely honest about my body and what was happening, and since I workout so much, I shared about my muscle tightness and random aches and pains.

Meeting My Masseuse

My masseuse was so incredible, I am so sad I am so terrible at remembering names but she was so kind. She went over my paperwork and quickly realized that a hot stone massage is so much better for my tight muscles and will improve the circulation everywhere. I trusted her, and she was right!

The facility was so pretty, when you entered the treatment room, you were greeted by a wide window overlooking the vast sea. It was breathtaking really. Once the massage started, the window shades were pulled down.

Disney Dream Senses Spa Review views

The Hot Stone Massage

The pressure was perfect, the stones were HOT but not in a painful way, once I got used to it I absolutely loved it. This was a really great massage, she paid attention to my back and neck area which is always so stiff from working on the computer full time. That was deeply appreciated! She was incredible, there was minimal rocking of the ship while the treatment was happening.

When the treatment was over, I felt super relaxed and happy. My body was grateful. The gratuity was included in the final bill, and charged to the room.

Disney Dream Senses Spa Review

Overall Thoughts

If you need a minute to yourself, go get a massage! It was incredible and would absolutely do it again on a Disney Cruise. There can be a lot of overstimulation on a boat, so taking the time to be still and taken care of is totally worth it in my opinion. I hope you enjoyed my Senses Spa Review!

Highly recommend 10/10!

If you have any specific question be sure to let me know in the comments!

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