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Savory Jarcuterie Individual Charcuterie Servings

by Nellie

 These Savory Jarcuterie Individual Servings are charcuterie boards in a jar. You can make these and serve them at your party, individually and safely. 

You have heard of charcuterie boards, but what about jarcuterie? These little jars are the perfect opportunity to make individual servings, which are super safe for a party! You will need 8-12 oz jars, picnic baskets, and small cookie cutters. 

Ingredients for Savory Jarcuterie 

Like anything out there, it’s best when it doesn’t take a lot of time or effort. The ingredient that you need for this Savory Jarcuterie is simple. You will need ingredients cold cuts, crackers, honey roasted nuts, pretzel sticks, sliced cheese, and block cheese. 

It is the perfect way for everyone to grab what they need without having to touch everything else. Since we likely won’t be doing buffets for a while, it’s a great way to keep the touch levels low.

How to Make the Savory Jarcuterie Individual Servings 

If you’re wondering how to make these simple creations, I’m going to walk you through the process. You will want to cut the cheese with your cookie cutters. I let the kids do this part.

They have a blast with it. You are going to roll the cold cuts and the sliced cheese. Layer the ingredients inside the jar. I like to add the pretzel sticks last. You can add the nuts throughout the jar. 

Take the Jars With You

After you have made the jarcuteries, you can take them with you. You can take the jars to parties with you or you can take them as lunch. They stay fresh and taste so delicious. Don’t be afraid to take the jars with you to enjoy! 

This recipe is super flexible and you can add whatever you’d like. You can use whatever meats and cheeses you like. That is the best part of these jars. The next time you want something simple to take to a party with you, give this recipe a try! 

Savory Jarcuterie Individual Charcuterie Servings
Yield: 8-10 Jars

Savory Jarcuterie Individual Charcuterie Servings

These jarcuterie individual servings are not only safe, they are easy to make and delicious!


  • Cold Cuts (ham, turkey and pepperoni were used) Crackers
  • Honey Roasted Nuts
  • Pretzel Sticks
  • Slice Cheese Block Cheese


  1. Cut the block cheese to the appropriate thickness and length for your cookie cutters to make the cheese designs. 
  2. Roll cold cuts and sliced cheese.
  3. Layer the items inside of the jars
  4. It was easy to add pretzel sticks last
  5. Adding the nuts throughout helps hold everything in place
  6. Serve and enjoy 

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