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Rock N Roll Brooklyn 2016 Half Marathon Recap

by Nellie

Rock n Roll Brooklyn Half Marathon Recap


This won’t be your typical recap, but really none of my recaps are typical, this is why you read them. 😉

I was super excited for this race, first it was a cut back week for marathon training so I no extra miles before and after. I had friends that were in town specifically for the race (brunch plans were made!), and I didn’t have to cross a large body of water on a crowded train to get to the start line. This only happens twice a year–sure there are more races in Brooklyn but none of this size and stature!


I took an uber to the start line. (YES) I was also in charge of the official snapchat for Rock n Roll so I was taking snaps of various running groups and pre race fun. After I spent time hanging out in the awesome VIP section, I dropped off my bag and who did I run into? NEV from Catfish. I quickly asked him for a snap–I literally said “Hey Nev, I’m running RocknRoll’s Snapchat, can you tell us how you are feeling pre race?” He said something really smart and clever but of course I could only do a quick picture. This is why I can’t have nice things.


The start was right in front of the Brooklyn Museum. As we approached the start line, there was the most beautiful sunrise…


I felt good when we started–I saw a lot of cheering friends and I gave a lot of excited sweaty hugs. The beginning of the race was a little weird, there was an out and back and then another out and back. The crowd support was pretty great too–lots of signs and even more cowbells. 🙂


The entertainment


This is my third Rock N Roll race–previously I’ve run DC and Philadelphia. Brooklyn had the most entertainment by FAR. There were a lot of bands (not necessarily a ton of rock bands) and a lot of local kid groups that included lots of cheerleaders and drum bands–they were SO good. Nellie loves the kids so I was so happy to see them representing on the streets of Brooklyn.


Around mile 8, things got a little dicey. I was simply out of gas…this was especially humbling considering I had SUCH a encouraging 20 miler a week before. I had a hard time even turning over my legs! I decided to make the best of it by chatting up the people in my corrals. I saw a girl with an awesome turtle tattoo and we chatted about the insane races her and her friend have done. Her friend actually did 72 half marathons……..what the what?!


Then I started chatting with this guy who was having terrible cramps. We chatted all through the end in Prospect Park–We had a million things in common. We were only children and we both had two kids. He asked me in detail how my first marathon experience was, I shared all the gory details. Then out of nowhere with a mile left I found the energy and jogged my way to the finish.

The goodies


I swear one of my FAVORITE things about the Rock N Roll races is the post race spread. The chocolate milk (nom), the potato chips (yes, I know, but still delish!), the individual gatorades, the fruit–so much goodness! Plus I headed over to the VIP tent where there was a full brunch and more yummies, but I had brunch plans so I didn’t partake. Not to mention I got this really dope hoodie for completing both Philly and Brooklyn this year. The perks really never end with the Rock N Roll races!



I had a SUPER lovely and delicious brunch with my fitbloggin friends Lorraine and Renee! We chatted about everything under the sun and I had SUCH a great time with these girls. We laughed, we ate, and really enjoyed each other’s company. We went to a place I’ve never been before called Brunswick Cafe, they had a really yummy brunch menu and this plate hit the spot after 13.1 miles!


Overall Thoughts

I really liked the race, it was super interesting and reminded me a lot of the AirBnB Brooklyn Half because we spent a lot of time on Ocean Parkway and in Prospect Park. The only little bit I didn’t like was the finishers walking towards the exits while we were still on the course. It caused a LOT of confusion and for a good mile we weren’t even sure if we were still on the right path. I know we are slower than you but you could have moved over to the right to exit…I’m talking about people with medals and food walking casually among us when there is an ENTIRE lane that they could have walked in! Otherwise the overall experience was really good and I totally plan to run it again next year!


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Have you ever seen anyone famous at your races? When was the last time you had really good brunch with friends?

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Allie October 19, 2016 - 5:42 am

LOVE!!! Such a great recap and it’s making me super excited to do RnR Las Vegas in just a few short weeks!! I have only one question – where do I get that hoodie??? OMG I need that in my life…the Vegas one of course 🙂
Great job on another half in the books!!

Carla October 19, 2016 - 5:45 am

I love following you as you train and run and race as it helps get me excited – – not nervous 🙂 – – for the Oakland running festival in April. I would never have thought of taking an Uber to the start. Brilliant

Janine Huldie October 19, 2016 - 6:51 am

Aw, looked like such a fun experience and thanks for the recap here, too Nellie 🙂

kita bryant October 19, 2016 - 11:55 am

I love a good brunch. Brunch is my thing because I am not a morning person lol. Yay to catfish guy and chocolate milk

Coco October 19, 2016 - 8:17 pm

Great recap! I think I’d really like that course – minus the craziness at the end. What’s up with yellow man?! Yikes!

Kimberly October 19, 2016 - 8:47 pm

Awesome recap and I’m so happy that the logistics were much better this year.

I love the hoodie! I think I might try to get that next year since I plan on going back to Philly if it works with my schedule. I’ll definitely do Brooklyn next year based on your feedback!

Samantha October 20, 2016 - 1:26 pm

Lady you rock! It sounds like your schedule was planned really well. I have only ever run one half marathon and I was seriously undertrained. I finished, but vowed never to do another. Although I keep thinking if I found an awesome destination race…maybe like Disney?? So happy for you. Keep being awesome!

xoxo – Sam

Nellie October 23, 2016 - 4:41 pm

whenever you are ready to rundisney I will sign up with you!! <3

Tamara October 20, 2016 - 1:55 pm

I read this in the morning and it’s been on my screen all day!!
I’m really in denial about potato chips being unhealthy.. Tell me that’s wrong!
The brunch looks awesome.
I hope the guy with the cramps was ok!
I love the festive nature of this! Total Rock N Roll.


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