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New Year’s Party Family Games – Conversation Starters (Free Printable)

New Year’s Eve, over the years, has been associated with parties, drinking, dancing, and the dropping of the ball in New York City. What better way to bring in the New Year, than to drink champagne, go out to parties, and kiss your spouse or boyfriend at the end of the year end countdown.

However, today, the hype of the party atmosphere is not so comforting and enjoyable for adults with children. Families today are considering celebrating the New Year’s Eve at home with family. Which can be JUST as fun!

For us, it’s been more fun to bring out all the board games, make a traditional family snack, a traditional family non-alcoholic drink that is served in a punch bowl or a super fancy champagne glass, and just hang out. Hanging out with the family, in a relaxed, no rules atmosphere, seems much more inviting. Get out all of your card games and board games for some original family fun.

New Year’s Eve Family Traditions

We love to watch the ball drop on our television, but we also like the home feel of being together. Growing up I would hang out with Mom, throw homemade confetti, blow horns, and best of all, run around the house at midnight banging on the backs of Moms pans with her wooden spoons.

Consider family traditions from childhood and don’t be afraid to introduce them to your kids. You can always create new ones. Like this awesome New Years Conversations download that will get you and the family chatting!

New Year’s Eve is the perfect time to serve any leftover Christmas cookies and candy. Cover your table with a colorful table cover, and place all your goodies in trays. Surround the table with battery operated lights for safety and for added flare. Growing up, I can remember my mother covering the entire kitchen table with cookies, snacks, chips and dip, and candies. She always got out her punch bowl and filled it with a family favorite punch.


2 cans Hawaiian Punch
1 quart Ginger-ale
1 16-oz. of 7-Up or Sprite
1- 6oz. frozen pineapple/orange juice, thawed

Directions: Do not dilute the frozen juice. Mix all ingredients well. Serve in a punch bowl.

If you do not own a punch bowl, shop at your local thrift stores for very inexpensive ones. The Dollar Tree has basic glass punch bowls, with tiny cups, are usually sold at inexpensive prices at your larger retail shopping stores. These come in handy for birthdays, and other family celebrations.

If your kids are young, they might enjoy, ending New Year’s Eve, by sleeping in sleeping bags under the Christmas Tree. To this day, the family tradition carries on in our home, with taking down the Christmas decorations the next day. It’s fun, brings closure to the past year and brings a new start into the New Year.

New Years Conversation Starters

Another fun way to ring in the New Year is with a fun game of reflection. I’ve got a fun printable for you today that will help you and your family have some great conversations about some topics such as:

–The Most Important Lesson You Learned

–Favorite Place You Visited In The Past Year

–Event That Had A Big Impact On You

–Most Embarrassing Moment Of The Year

–Best Dessert You Tried This Year

–Favorite Song Of The Year

…and so much more!

The best part about these New Years Conversation Starters is that you can either assign special topics to certain people OR you can create a grab bag where family and friends can choose a random topic and share! All good fun!

Free New Year’s Eve Conversation Printable Download

If you are looking for some fun New Year’s Games check out Play, Party, Plan’s awesome roundup of New Year’s Eve games for the family!

Do you plan on spending time with family on New Year’s Eve?