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Easy Ways To Keep Your Sanity During The Holidays

The holidays can be super overwhelming. Here are some ways to help you keep your sanity during the holidays!

3 Easy Ways To Keep Your Sanity During The Holidays

How are y’all doing this holiday season?
The holidays are always such an insane time. It’s a really happy time full of family and celebration but it can also turn into a really crazy time that is full of end of year deadlines.SAMSUNG CSC
For example: I haven’t bought not even one gift. Partly because I have been so busy but really because I don’t want “getting gifts” to be the focus of my holiday season. There are certain folks I have to get gifts for like my sons teachers/bus drivers/day care providers  etc. In general I don’t like gift shopping. It gives me heart palpitations and that’s why I will wait till the very last minute to get anything if at all. This type of stress is unique to the holiday season only. No Bueno.
Then there is the holiday happy like an evening candy cane, or watching your three year old on his yippie toes determined to place that ornament on that special tree branch. Or watching your kids faces light up when they see the most beautiful house in the neighborhood all decorated for Christmas.

These emotions are not only plentiful but they can become really intense as well. Here are

3 Easy Ways To Keep Your Sanity During The Holidays

Staying Sane During the Holiday Hustle: Your Go-To Guide

Ah, the holiday season. A time of twinkling lights, gingerbread houses, and joyous celebrations. But let’s be real for a second—it can also be a whirlpool of chaos, stress, and a never-ending to-do list. So, how do you maintain your sanity amidst the merry madness?

Prioritize Self-Care

This might sound like a wellness cliche, but self-care is more critical during the holiday season than ever. We often forget to put ourselves on our holiday shopping list. Whether it’s a 10-minute meditation session, a brisk walk around the block, or a simple cup of tea in silence, prioritize a few minutes each day just for you. These pockets of tranquility can act as a buffer against the seasonal stress, helping you stay centered and mindful.

Get Organized, But Stay Flexible

Start with a list. Actually, make several. Have a shopping list, a meal prep list, a party planning list, you name it. Break down bigger tasks into smaller, manageable ones. Allocate specific days for certain activities—like wrapping gifts or baking cookies. Keep a calendar to avoid overbooking yourself. But—and this is crucial—be prepared to adapt. Things rarely go as planned, especially during the holidays, so give yourself the freedom to be flexible. When you control your schedule instead of letting it control you, the holiday season feels a lot less overwhelming.

Delegate, Delegate, Delegate

We often fall into the ‘Superhero Syndrome,’ thinking we have to do it all ourselves. The truth? It’s okay to ask for help. If cooking a feast for your holiday party feels overwhelming, make it a potluck. If you can’t handle the decorations alone, invite a friend over to help. Outsourcing isn’t a sign of weakness; it’s a smart strategy to conserve your energy and enjoy the season.

Limit Social Media Exposure

While it’s tempting to scroll through Instagram looking at everyone’s picture-perfect holidays, this can set you up for unnecessary stress and comparison. Limit your social media usage or even consider a digital detox for a day or two. Focus on creating your own authentic holiday experience rather than mimicking someone else’s curated version.

Keep Expectations Realistic

Holidays, especially as portrayed by movies and ads, often come with high expectations of perfect families and perpetual happiness. This is hardly the case for most of us. The turkey might get overcooked, kids will have tantrums, and some family dynamics might be strained. And that’s okay. Keep your expectations in check and remind yourself that imperfections often make for the most memorable holidays.

Maintain Healthy Boundaries

Remember, you’re not obligated to attend every party or please everyone. It’s okay to say no. You don’t have to accept every invitation that comes your way. If certain family gatherings are too stressful or you’re dreading the thought of a particular event, it’s okay to skip it or limit your time there. It’s crucial to set boundaries that allow you to enjoy your holiday season rather than endure it.

Savor the Moments

Last but not least, don’t forget to actually enjoy the holidays. Amidst the hustle and bustle, take some time to savor the little moments. Maybe it’s the first snowfall of the season, the smell of cookies baking, or the joy on a loved one’s face as they unwrap a gift. These moments are what the holiday season is truly about. When you focus on what really matters, it’s much easier to let the stress and chaos fade into the background.

So go forth, my friends, armed with these tips to make your holiday season not just bearable, but truly joyful. Because you deserve a holiday filled with peace, love, and a good dose of sanity.

What would you add to the list? Have you done your holiday shopping yet?


Monday 4th of January 2016

The holidays can be so stressful. These are great tips to help stay calm and collected. Wish I’d read them earlier, actually!


Wednesday 23rd of December 2015

I love #2 on your list. It's good to be conscious of what amazing things we have around us at all times. It's too easy to get stressed and caught up in unimportant things when we should really be taking a step back to count all the blessings we already have. I wish more people did it more often. I think it'd really help people calm down and enjoy life!


Monday 21st of December 2015

I actually love holiday shopping and coming up with creative gifts for loved ones - BUT, I do 95% of it online only. That way I don't have to trek through crowded stores and instead can buy gifts while in pajamas lounging on my couch. :)

I would add getting enough sleep to this list. As soon as I get overtired, my ability to deal with holiday stress, traveling, etc. drastically decreases. Being well rested makes all the difference in the world!


Sunday 20th of December 2015

I do most of it online. It's always weird for me, though. And seeing my kids faces is what keeps me inspired for sure. I will do all three of your tips today!


Saturday 19th of December 2015

I did all my shopping online this year, used a lot of loyalty points to get discounts too. Its the first year i have been so organised and it feels weird.