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Holiday Family Game Night: Reindeer Games Free Printable

Holiday Family Game Night

Do you play holiday games with family during your Christmas and New Year’s celebrations?  The holidays just aren’t the same without these fun group games and activities. The best part is that there are so many holiday games out there for you to do with family! Today I have a fun and free download full of 5 different games for you to play during holiday family game night.

Let’s get real here though, these games aren’t just suggestions. You really, really need to do these holiday games with family.  It’s fun, it’s a great way to bond, and it is a great way to make memories with the most important people in your life. 

It is times like this, when playing holiday games with family that memories are made that kids never forget. 

I love family game nights anyway and the holidays only make them better. I love the laughter, the fun, the togetherness, the memories being created and so much more.  I just love it all!

Of course, there are other benefits to playing holiday games with family. You know, like keeping people entertained with the small talk has run dry, keeping the kids occupied while waiting to open gifts, etc.  

Holiday Family Game Night Bonding

Playing holiday games with family is also a great ice breaker!  Think about how awkward it can be to get together with family that you only see once a year.   These re-introductions can be made much easier by a fun, family game.

One where we are forced to talk and interact with one another without talking about politics or what this family member did or did not do (I can’t be the only one who deals with this stuff at holiday gatherings, can I?).  Games like this are good, wholesome fun for everyone and gets us talking to each other again!

What kind of games to play on Holiday game night?

Holiday game nights can include anything from family-created games and holiday themed games to classics such as Pictionary, Charades (I suggest putting a holiday spin on it, of course), Trivial Pursuit, Bingo and more.

If the kids are playing games, you can break out Candyland and Connect 4 or another easy and fun game that they love.  If we are talking about an adult celebration, there are some really fun adult party games out there!  Cards Against Humanities, Apples to Apples, or other family favorite adult party games are good options.   

All of the sudden I am in game night mode!  How about you?  

Holiday Game Night Tips

For a successful night of holiday games with family I recommend the following party tips:

Christmas music playing in the background.  “Alexa, Play Christmas Music” is a phrase we often use around here for holiday gatherings.

Lots of appetizers, treats and drinks fit for the holiday.  Sugar cookies, eggnog, sparkling cider, cocoa, fudge, these are all great holiday treats that will take your game night celebration up a notch. 

Have fun. Make sure that you don’t need a reminder that it is a game night.  You are playing games. Competition is fun, but no one has fun when people get mad over a game. 

Even if there is a Scrooge among you who doesn’t like playing games, you may be surprised to find that playing these holiday games with family might even bring a smile to even the grumpiest faces.

The Art of Holiday Family Game Night: Where Strategy Meets Sibling Rivalry

Ah, the holidays. A time for chestnuts roasting, carolers singing, and—let’s be real—families bickering over board games like they’re negotiating international treaties. If you think “The Settlers of Catan” is just a game, you probably haven’t been in a room where Dad accuses Mom of resource-hoarding, or where your little sister suddenly turns into a real estate tycoon in “Monopoly.” Oh yes, the holiday family game night, a seasonal tradition that promises fun, a little chaos, and possibly a strained relationship or two (all in good jest, of course).

Charades: Where Silent Nights Go to Die

Who knew that acting out “Jingle Bell Rock” could lead to such vocal disagreements? Charades is a game of both skill and wit, and nothing is more entertaining than watching Uncle Bob contort his body awkwardly, desperately trying to mime “Frosty the Snowman” without looking like he needs immediate medical attention.

Scrabble: A Holiday Spell-off

If you want to feel intellectually superior to your family members, just drop a holiday-themed word like “Yuletide” on a triple-word score in Scrabble. Watch as your siblings scramble through their tiles for anything that can beat it. Spoiler alert: They won’t, and you’ll sip your eggnog like the word wizard you are.

Pictionary: A Picture is Worth a Thousand Laughs

Ah, Pictionary, the game that proves that not everyone paid attention during art class. There’s something incredibly satisfying about seeing Grandma attempt to draw “Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer” and ending up with something that looks more like an abstract painting titled “Existential Crisis.”

Risk: Because Family Diplomacy is Overrated

If you want to create a venue where family alliances are made and broken faster than you can say “fruitcake,” bring out Risk. It’s like hosting your very own mini “Game of Thrones” saga, sans the dragons. Prepare to be amazed at how quickly your mild-mannered Aunt transforms into a ruthless general bent on world domination.

Trivial Pursuit: The Battle of Wits and Useless Information

And let’s not forget the royalty of holiday games, Trivial Pursuit. Who knew that your cousin Steve, the guy who once microwaved a pizza slice still in the box, could answer every single question in the Sports category? It’s the game that reminds you that the brains in your family come in surprising packages.

The Game of Life: Ironic, Isn’t It?

A special shout out to the Game of Life, where you can have a fake career, fake kids, and even fake pets, and yet, the competition feels oh so real. Plus, there’s nothing like going bankrupt in a board game to remind you to be grateful for what you have.

Why do we subject ourselves to these games of stress and shouting each holiday season? Because deep down, we all know that family game night is not just about winning; it’s about creating memorable experiences that we can laugh (or cringe) about for years to come. It’s a cherished tradition, a battleground where family bonds are strengthened, even as we squabble over who cheated or which rule was flagrantly disregarded.

So, gather your troops, I mean, your loving family, around the table this holiday season. Let the games begin! 

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Do you have family game nights with your family?