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Here Are 30 Things To Throw Out Today (Free Checklist Printable)

Accidental hoarding is a real thing. We’re all guilty of it. Whether it’s us adults or even our kids/teens, we all instinctively hold onto things that we rationalize as needing. Empty boxes, old jars or wine bottles that we keep while telling ourselves we’ll Pinterest for ways to repurpose them. Today I’ve got a great printable list of 30 things you can throw out today!

Trust me, I know because I’ve done it and for years I justified saving things because I saw it as being thrifty. I also used excuses like, “this is still good”, and “I’m going to need that in the future.”

It’s just so easy to hold onto things that you don’t even need. In some cases the behavior might be a learned one that stems from childhood. In other cases you might find yourself becoming attached to odds and ends simply because they remind you of a person or a fond memory.

It can be hard to part with old items you have laying around your home, for many reasons, but the important thing that I’ve started to tell myself that have helped is, “It’s just stuff. It can be replaced if needed.”

Those words didn’t used to have an effect on me at all. Before I got serious about ridding myself and my family of all of our useless clutter,  I rationalized that our old towels still had plenty of life left in them, or could be used for spills around the house. I was the worst at making excuses.

These days, I’m much better and where there used to be clutter, now there is so much less. It’s freeing, actually. No longer do I look around at mess, cluttered medicine cabinets or shelves stacked with boxes, toys, old electronics, etc. that haven’t been used in ages. I let it all go, stopped making excuses and donated, recycled and threw out what was no longer necessary.

In all honesty, I know it can be an anxiety inducing process to let go of the worldly possessions we cling to. As someone who has been there and overcome the urge to hoard anything with the slightest sentimental value, I’ve made a printable just for people who need the extra support.

From your kitchen to your garage, 30 Things to Throw Out will be your guide while purging your home.  There has never been a better time to peek into your cabinets, rummage through your garage or clean out the playroom. From bedrooms to your living-room, my list gives a rundown of items from each room of your home that you need to toss NOW.

It will feel foreign but you will be amazed at how good you’ll feel when you’ve given up the dead weight your clutter is adding to your life!

Here is a free printable checklist that you can use to get rid of 30 common household items, to help you declutter and free up space in your home!

30 Things To Throw Away Today! – Free Checklist Printable

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