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Create Christmas Magic With This Free Letter To Santa Printable

Free Letter To Santa Printable

Most parents would love nothing more than to keep their children little forever. We want to keep them young and full of hope and magic.  This is especially evident during the holidays. Today I’ve got a free letter to Santa printable download for you!

When you see your children’s eyes light up at the mention of Santa and his elves, when they experience the wonder of waking up on Christmas morning, you never want that magic to go away.  

As they get older and older and begin to creep a little closer to adulthood, Christmas just isn’t quite the same for many kids.  This part of growing up is natural, but there are still ways to keep the magic of Christmas for kids. In fact, you might just be able to keep the magic of Christmas for your entire family!

How To Keep The Magic Of Christmas For Kids

Enlist the help of older children  

If you have older children that have passed that magical age, enlist their help with the younger children.  Not only will this help the younger children keep the magic, but it will bring happiness to all of the kids. For the older children to experience Christmas through their younger siblings eyes is magical in itself.

Embrace the spirit of giving

Take your children along with you to a community service project.  Maybe you can volunteer at a soup kitchen, hand out gloves and blankets to the homeless, grab a tag at the giving tree, or even fill up parking meters for holiday shoppers. 

Nothing feels better than giving to those in need and giving your child the opportunity to feel this way is a great way to show them the magic of Christmas.

Spend time building family holiday traditions

Take the time to slow down during the holiday season.  Spend time with your family. You can take your family to view the holiday lights, spend some time shopping together, decorate the tree, watch holiday movies, bake cookies, the possibilities are endless.  You simply can’t go wrong with any holiday tradition that brings your family together during the holidays. 

Here is a free letter to Santa Printable for you to send right to the North Pole! Create some Christmas magic this holiday season for the kids with this fun download! #freeprintable #ChristmasPrintables #funfortheholidays

Make sure that YOU enjoy the season too

I know that the holiday season can be stressful, but you need to make sure that you too, enjoy the season.  Your enjoyment will help keep the magic of Christmas for kids.

If your kids see you stressed out and unhappy during the holiday season, it is going to ruin the holidays for them. That stress gets passed down to them, even if you don’t mean for that to happen.  

Make a tradition of writing a wish list and a letter to Santa

Make a tradition of having your children write out a wishlist and a letter to Santa.  Also, be sure to send that wishlist with a letter to Santa at the North Pole.

Once the kids have written out what their biggest wishes are for presents and they know that that list is on the way to Santa is a very exciting way to build up anticipation for Christmas morning. 

They will excitedly stay busy dreaming about whether or not those gifts will be under the tree when they wake up on Christmas morning. I’m going to make this super easy for you with this fun free Letter to Santa printable for your family to enjoy! (P.S. Don’t forget to bake these yummy Christmas Cookies on Christmas Eve!)

The printable download includes:

  • Santa’s Nice List Certificate
  • North Pole Official Document
  • North Pole Official Letter From Santa
  • Letter To Santa 

The Magic of Penning a Letter to Santa Claus

There’s a certain enchantment interwoven into the fabric of Christmas, an ethereal glow that illuminates the heart and homes during the festive season. One tradition that has consistently fanned the flames of this magic for generations is the act of writing a letter to Santa Claus.

The Power of Belief:
To a child, the belief in something magical, something that transcends the daily humdrum, is invigorating. The concept of a benevolent figure, who travels the world in a single night, delivering gifts and joy, is something that ignites wonder. Writing a letter to Santa, then, becomes a concrete manifestation of that belief—a personal line of communication to the North Pole, marked by hope and anticipation.

Sparking Creativity:
When a child sits down to write their letter, they are not just listing out their wishes; they are engaging in a creative exercise. They think about the past year, the good deeds they’ve done, the challenges they’ve faced, and the dreams they harbor. The letter becomes a canvas of their year, painted with words of hope, gratitude, and sometimes, the most profound wisdom that only the innocent heart of a child can express.

Family Bonding:
For many families, this ritual becomes a shared activity. Parents and siblings gather around, often with cookies and warm cocoa, to help the littlest members pen their letters. This act fosters a sense of unity and love, as stories are shared, memories are made, and hopes for the forthcoming year are discussed.

The Act of Giving:
While writing a letter to Santa is often about the presents children hope to receive, it also subtly introduces them to the concept of giving. Kids often express their wishes for their family’s well-being, or for peace and happiness in the world. In some cases, children even ask Santa to give their gifts to those in need. This altruism, stemming from the heart, is the very essence of the Christmas spirit.

Keeping the Tradition Alive:
In a world dominated by instant messaging and digital communication, the act of writing a physical letter is becoming a rarity. Encouraging children to write to Santa keeps the tradition of handwritten communication alive. It’s not just about sending a letter; it’s about pausing, reflecting, and engaging in a personal and thoughtful activity.

In conclusion, a letter to Santa is not just a message filled with wishes; it’s a testament to the magic of Christmas. The faith, the joy, the anticipation, and the sheer innocence of it all remind us of the pure, unadulterated wonder of childhood. As the holiday season approaches, let’s not forget the magic that a simple letter can bring, not just to the child writing it but to all who bear witness to its creation. After all, in the heart of every letter to Santa, lies the Christmas spirit itself.

Click here to get your free download – Free Letter To Santa Printable

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Do your children still feel the magic of Christmas?  How do you keep the magic of Christmas for kids?


Janine Huldie

Thursday 21st of November 2019

What great advice and love the Santa Kit, too. And we always write letters to Santa each year. But my girls are getting older now. However, as of right now, they still believe very much in Santa. So, holding onto that for as long as we can here ;)