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Free Gratitude Journal For Moms (30 Page PDF Printable)

Journaling is extremely therapeutic. When I lift a pen to journal I find myself writing about things that I simply didn’t realize that I needed to get out. It is also a really great place to store feelings and look back at how far you have come days or even months from now. Today I am providing you will a free gratitude journal for moms that you can use every single day.

What is a gratitude journal?

As the name suggests, a gratitude journal is a place where you can list things that you are really grateful about in your life. You don’t need to have a religious perspective to do this, just acknowledging the things that you have and writing them down in your journal should be enough.

Gratitude in any way produces good vibes. It helps you focus on all the amazing things that you have instead of the things that you don’t.

How do I create one?

Creating a gratitude journal is as simple as the concept itself. Any book and pen will do the trick, or even a digital note-taking app, if you prefer that. There are a few companies that dedicate the entire design and template of their journals towards making it a gratitude journal, but these are completely optional.

Once you have a journal set up, just set aside a few minutes of your day for writing, preferably during the night as you can look back at the events of your day and write down what you’re really grateful about. It’s also recommended to find new things every time to keep the novelty of the journal alive.

Maintaining your journal

Starting a journal was arguably the easier task, while maintaining it can be a bit difficult. How do you write what you’re grateful about when you just got yelled at by your boss this morning?

First acknowledge whatever happened during the day. Secondly, examining the situation without letting your emotions overwhelm you will ground you and keep you going. “Is it really that bad? What’s the worst that could happen?”

When pondering on this, you’ll realize the situation was built up in your head, and maybe isn’t too bad. Another great tip that will help you keep going, especially when you’re out of things to write about, is to reflect on what your life would be like without certain things that you take for granted, and writing them down!

Writing down what you are grateful for despite having a bad day helps to push out the bad feelings and create good feelings.

Does having a gratitude actually work?

A Google search will not only lead you to people’s stories about their gratitude journals, but also to actual scientific studies done on the matter which conclude that people being grateful for the things they have in general live happier lives, even if their life may not be all the way amazing.

Getting the feelings out into a daily journal helps so much. It’s so easy to forget about our amazing blessings when there are so many hard situations happening in our lives.

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Taking the time to highlight the things you are grateful for will not only help your mood but put the most important things in your life in perspective.

Gratitude Journal For Moms Free Printable

Here is a free download gratitude journal that you can use to express your feelings every day!

Moms can stay in a grateful state of mind with this awesome journal, which has pages for starting their day and ending it, color pages, and journal prompts for why they’re thankful for different topics, like their families, nature and their homes.

With places to record practical items like to-dos and also space for inspirational quotes or scripture, moms will find this journal thorough and relaxing!