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20 Easy and Fun Fall Crafts For Kids

Fall is such a fun time for new beginnings. Kids are entering a new school year, some are even entering new schools. It’s a great time to do new creative activities. Here are 20 Easy and Fun Fall Crafts for kids that are super fun for the season!

Creating fun fall crafts with kids is a wonderful way to celebrate the season and spend quality time together. Fall offers a wealth of inspiration, from its vibrant foliage to its festive holidays. Here are some delightful fall craft ideas to explore with children:

  1. Leaf Prints and Rubbings:
    • Collect fallen leaves of various shapes and sizes.
    • Place a leaf under a sheet of paper and use crayons to gently rub and reveal the leaf’s texture.
    • Alternatively, paint the leaf’s surface and press it onto paper to create a print.
  2. Pine Cone Critters:
    • Gather pine cones from outdoors.
    • Use craft supplies like googly eyes, felt, and pipe cleaners to transform pine cones into animals or whimsical creatures.
  3. Pumpkin Painting:
    • Buy small pumpkins or gourds from a local market.
    • Instead of carving, let the kids paint faces, patterns, or scenes on the pumpkins. This is especially great for younger kids!
  4. Mason Jar Candle Holders:
    • Paint the outside of mason jars with fall colors.
    • Once dry, place a tea light inside to create a warm, autumnal glow.
  5. Acorn Necklaces:
    • Collect acorns from outside.
    • Drill a small hole in the top, thread a string through, and wear as a necklace. Kids can also paint or decorate the acorns before making them into jewelry.
  6. Autumnal Wreaths:
    • Use a wreath base from a craft store and let the kids glue or tie on fall foliage, berries, pinecones, and ribbons.
  7. Handprint Trees:
    • Have the kids paint their forearm and hand with brown paint and press it onto paper to make a tree trunk and branches.
    • They can then use finger paints to add colorful fall leaves.
  8. Corn Cob Crafts:
    • Paint dried corn cobs with fall colors.
    • Once dried, they can be displayed as is or turned into characters with the addition of googly eyes and felt.
  9. Scarecrow Paper Plate:
    • Use a paper plate as the face, adding drawn or cut-out features.
    • Glue on straw for hair and add a hat made from construction paper.
  10. Fabric or Felt Leaves:
  • Cut out leaf shapes from felt or scrap fabric.
  • These can be sewn together to make garlands, used as coasters, or attached to a string to make decorative hangings.
  1. Nature Collages:
  • On a walk outside, let kids collect fall items like leaves, twigs, and seeds.
  • Once home, glue these items onto cardboard or stiff paper in creative patterns or scenes.
  1. Apple Stamps:
  • Cut an apple in half and dip the flat side in paint.
  • Press onto paper to create apple prints. Add features or designs to the prints if desired.

When engaging in these activities, not only do kids get to enjoy the tactile and sensory pleasures of crafting, but they also develop motor skills, unleash their creativity, and deepen their appreciation for the changing seasons. Always remember to prioritize safety, especially with younger children and potentially hazardous materials or tools.

What are some other fun crafts for kids to try?

20 Easy and Fun Fall Crafts For Kids

Fall is a great time to get creative! Check out these awesome fall crafts for kids of all ages.

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