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15 Must Have Cooking Tools For Thanksgiving Dinner

15 Must-Haves for a Delicious Thanksgiving Dinner

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Cooking Thanksgiving dinner can be a huge undertaking. But making a delicious dinner doesn’t have to be difficult – if you prepare! Having the right tools in your kitchen is one of the best ways to ensure you make cooking Thanksgiving dinner as simple as possible. Before you start cooking, make sure to have these 15 must have cooking tools for Thanksgiving dinner.

Roasting Pan

No matter what type of meat you plan on cooking, chances are you’ll need a roasting pan to cook it. When looking for a good roasting pan, make sure your pan is large enough to hold a big turkey and contains a rack to ensure your meat doesn’t dry out as it cooks.

Cooking Thermometer

Make sure your guests don’t get sick from undercooked meat by adding a digital thermometer to your arsenal. Pick a thermometer with an easy to read digital display and a long probe to ensure it reaches the center of your turkey.

Turkey Baster

Keep your turkey from getting dry as it cooks by basting regularly. Use a turkey baster to help make basting as simple as possible.

Carving Board

Making slicing your turkey easy and mess-free by investing in a carving board. A carving board is similar to a traditional cutting board but features a moat around the edge to collect drippings that come out of the meat as you’re cutting.

Electric Knife

Carving the turkey can be a big job with a traditional knife. Make slicing the turkey easier with an electric knife this Thanksgiving.

Potato Ricer

Make sure your mashed potatoes are smooth and creamy this year by using a potato ricer to prepare the potatoes.

Baking Dishes

The side dishes at Thanksgiving dinner are almost as important as the turkey! Make sure you have plenty of baking dishes on hand so you have a place to cook all those sides.

Pie Pans

Bake up delicious desserts for Thanksgiving by adding a couple of pie pans to your kitchen before the big day. This coconut cream pie is the best!

Rolling Pin

If you plan on making pies from scratch, you’ll need a sturdy rolling pin to roll out all that pie dough.

Instant Pot

Cut prep and cook time down on some of your Thanksgiving dinner items with the help of an Instant Pot. If you are looking for appetizers be sure to check out these 20 Amazing Cold Weather Instant Pot Soups That Will Warm You Up.

Food Processor

From making pie dough to slicing vegetables, a food processor can make prepping Thanksgiving dinner much easier.

Immersion Blender

Be sure all your menu items are delicious with the help of an immersion blender. It’s great for making creamy mashed potatoes and lump-free gravy.

Slow Cooker

Let a slow cooker do the hard work for you by cooking sides while you spend your time preparing those time-intensive menu items, like the pies and turkey. 

Stand Mixer

If you plan on making lots of delicious desserts for Thanksgiving, don’t forget to add a stand mixer to your shopping list. This handy appliance can make Thanksgiving food prep go by much more quickly.

Serving Dishes

Make sure all the food you prepare looks amazing on the table with a set of serving dishes this Thanksgiving.

Leftover Containers

Make sure all your guests leave with leftovers after dinner is over by providing them with leftover containers to take home all the leftover food.

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