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UAE Healthy Kidney 10k Race Recap

by Nellie


Before I get into how this race went I need to give a lot of background on some of the things that happened right before this race.

The week before

  • A Healthy U Conference Final Crunch Week: between selling tickets and finalizing everything with the team, well, ish was cray. 
  • My 3 yo flushed the plastic part of the toilet paper roll down the toilet and broke it. This is my life. It’s STILL not fixed. In an effort to delegate around my house I have left the responsibility up to my husband. Again, it’s still not fixed. 
  • I came home Thursday night to a pool of water right in front of my fridge. It died. Not only did it die, but everything inside of it died too. Sad times. Ever live without a fridge?! It’s brutal. Especially in the summer when ALL you want is a cold drink.
  • The same day of the race was the A Healthy U Conference. The original date was switched after I purchased this race entry so, there’s that.
  • The night before we were carrying heavy boxes and packing swag bags, pretty much the opposite of the all night stretching and hydrating I normally do the night before a race.

So now that you have the full story–on to the race recap!

Since I had no food in the house I bought breakfast from Dunkin Donuts. It was a miserably hot day but I figured–it’s 6.2 miles–not a half. I can do this in my sleep! Right? Um. No.

Since the race was later than most NYRR races  (9am) I was able to spend my last day at NYSC quite productively and drop my things off there and use a normal toilet and not get traumatized by the port o potty. It was nice!


I arrive just as the world class athletes were about to go and it was cool to watch the start. Their predicted finish times were 27 minutes or so.

IMG_3519 IMG_3509 IMG_3507 IMG_3505

I finally got in line and crossed the starting line myself. I felt pretty great to start considering everything. It was about mile 3 when I contemplated quitting. The sun was so incredibly hot and I just felt like my body was completely done. I normally run walk these races but there were WAY more walkers on the course than I have ever seen before. The worst part is that they ALL looked like me–completely defeated by the heat and humidity. The poor volunteers couldn’t keep up with the supply and demand of water for the runners.


I ate some sport beans that I had in my flip belt and got a immediate shot of energy. I started sprinting as much as I could. I figured, the faster I get this done the better. I knew I wouldn’t PR–in fact I knew it would be my worst 10k ever.

Finally I finished. It was glorious. I was just so happy to be done. I took some pictures, grabbed a cinnamon raisin bagel and jogged over to shower and get ready for the conference.


Three Things I Learned From The UAE Healthy Kidney 10k

  1. Push as hard as you can but pull back when you need to. There were so many people on  the side of the road injured or sidelined by the heat.
  2. Respect the distance. 6.2 miles may be routine in an air conditioned gym or on a cool day. Add in heat and humidity and you have a totally different ball game.
  3. Eat snacks earlier if needed. Looking back I probably should have ate the sports beans at mile 2. The plan in my head was to eat at mile 3 and 5.5. I needed it earlier than that.

How was your fitness and healthy living this week? Have you ever had a crazy week leading up to a race?

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Kristina Walters June 5, 2015 - 5:38 am

Yeah Nellie! You finished and that’s what matters! I had a 5K race last week where I felt the same way. It was my worse 5K ever but I had the support of my wonderful boyfriend and I was happy. Some days we come unhinged during a race but at least we are out there doing it! Congrats!

Janine Huldie June 5, 2015 - 6:37 am

Aw, just glad you have this race behind you and hoping your toilet and fridge are fixed now, too. Hugs and have a great weekend!! 😉

Aliah June 5, 2015 - 10:07 am

Oh my Nellie! What a week and what a day! You are so resilient and determined. I had a race that day too and I was Struggle City: Population 1. So hot. So humid. So many hills. Here’s to getting those home repairs done (inexpensively I hope) and to a good weekend!

Tamara June 7, 2015 - 7:49 pm

Those sports beans sound magical! So awesome that you did it. I would have walked it myself.
Also, the toilet and the fridge! Yikes!!

Leslie June 8, 2015 - 12:14 pm

Heat and humidity are total killers! You should be proud that you finished…especially on top of everything else you were doing that week. Congrats on getting another race done!

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