Friday Fitness: Eating All The Things & Workouts That Improve Speed!


This week was cray cray. Not cray cray in the omgalltheseawesomethingsarehappening sort of way but rather the Iam4to5secondsfromwildin kind of crazy. But enough of that lets chat fitness shall we? Monday: Bodypump Tuesday: rest Wednesday: 5 miles Thursday: Stairmaster & Explosive workout (see below) Friday: 6.2 miles Saturday: Zumba (twice! Teaching two classes!!) I figured […]

Friday Fitness: What’s For Lunch?


Happy Friday! This week has been a pretty cool week, from dodging the very drunk New Yorkers on St. Patrick’s Day to taking a day off yesterday to re-calibrate my brain and body, I am happy to see the weekend! Let’s get right into health and fitness for the week! Monday: BodyPump Tuesday: Rest Wednesday: […]

Friday Fitness: #RnRDC, Warmer Temps & GARMIN/Nike+ Teams Up!


Welcome to the Friday Fitness Check in! I have had a really good week, awesome workouts, yummy foods and some awesome experiences! Let’s get to it! Monday: Bodypump Tuesday: 15 minutes elliptical 5 minutes row machine 20 min strength training (Morning) 30 second workout demo with Adam Roseau (evening–more on that on Monday!) Wednesday: 4 […]

Friday Fitness: Lifting All The Things


Happy Friday yall!! It has been an interesting week around these parts. Some how I ended up spinning way more plates than expected in pretty much every area of my life. This week felt transitional–you know when stuff starts getting a bit crazy it’s because something big is about to happen? Well, that is exactly […]