Friday Fitness: Lifting All The Things


Happy Friday yall!! It has been an interesting week around these parts. Some how I ended up spinning way more plates than expected in pretty much every area of my life. This week felt transitional–you know when stuff starts getting a bit crazy it’s because something big is about to happen? Well, that is exactly […]

The Tale of the Missing Gym Pants


Happy Friday! This has been a doosie of a week. Most weeks are full of adventures but this one? Whoa. It all started on Monday, first I got some unsettling news at work. Right after, I went to the gym to take my normal Bodypump class and realized while I was changing that I picked […]

FFCI: My First Gym Workout Video + Race Envy


Hi There! Happy Friday. It’s cold. This week completely blew by. It’s weird because it wasn’t like I was super busy going to events or travelling for work–it was really an ordinary week, just somehow it seemed faster than normal. I did have a pretty fun healthy living week though! Monday: Bodypump Tuesday: 4 mile […]