The Color Run Brooklyn – The Most Awesome Race Of All

The Color Run Brooklyn – The Most Awesome Race Of Allcolor run brooklyn

It was hot.

It was really really hot.

Like 87 degrees by 8am hot. Remind me the next time I sign up for a run to make sure that its not in July! I really don’t know what I was thinking but I can’t front, if I could I’d do it all again because The Color Run Brooklyn was simply was that much fun.

Since it was the weekend after the 4th and I was just too lazy tired to do anything that Thursday and Friday I didn’t make it to the city to pick up pre race packets. That meant we had to get up and there by 6:30am to pick up our gear there. (Side note: I know better for next time, I would have not only picked up my tshirt ahead of time, I would have cut it up in a really fun way! I saw some really cool designs and I was so bored with a plain tee! Boo.)

the color run brooklyn

We got there really early, took some “before” pics and waiting patiently for the run to begin.

We got some temporary tattoos in our packet and I immediately went to work. I heart temporary tats, I have no tattoos so it’s fun to pretend!

the color run brooklyn

Because there were an obscene amount of runners (somewhere around 15k?) We had to get started in waves. So by now its hovering around 90 degrees and we are waiting for the people to start for over half an hour in the open sun. I felt like I had run 3 miles and I hadn’t even started yet!

Finally we get going, one thing I noticed off the bat was that this was not a serious race! People were walking super casually and just enjoying each others company. Of course my girlfriend Yonique and I started running and after we reached the color stations we began walking.

The color stations

A really cool part of the race were the color stations, there were several of them, we started with the orange. The color stations are full of color run volunteers that spray you over and over with a specific color.  It was a nice way to “break” up the race especially because there was music blaring at every station.

the color run brooklyn



About halfway through we came across the happy wall where you were expected to write what make you happy with a magic marker. What a cute idea!


Finally after a ton more wogging (walking and jogging) we made it to the end! It was glorious, fun and believe it or not, not quite over.

The Party Begins

When we arrived back at the general area there was a ton of people dancing and just having an amazing time. So you know I had to join in! The DJ was excellent,  played all my favorite pop songs and I just about went crazy went Blurred Lines came on!


yall see I got my hair protected right? :)

The really cool part about the whole thing was these color countdowns where everyone would throw color up in the air at the same time. It was just so cool!

After dancing for another hour we headed out and my girlfriends brother dropped me off. I shot a vlog right after and included some of the highlights of the day. Enjoy!

My before and after pic as you may have seen on instagram!


Have you ever done a color run?



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  1. I’ve always wanted to do a color run! But I’m shamed to say…..I do NOT want to have to wash all of that out of my locs!! LOL
    LaShawn recently posted…Wordless Wednesday: FriendsMy Profile

  2. How much fun!! (except for the hotness! I’m making a mental note that if I ever do this, make it in spring or fall!)
    It really does look and sound like the happiest 5K in the world!! You looked great!! (even covered in a rainbow of colors!!)
    What a great event! –Lisa
    The Dose of Reality recently posted…“Arie” Ready To Choose The Next Bachelor Now, Fleiss?!My Profile

  3. Great recap! This looks like a lot of fun but I gotta be honest, if “RUN” was in the title and I got out there with all of that “stopping” required, I would lost my cool. hahaha. I’m a little focused on race day!!
    Denise recently posted…Summer Garden Recipe Collection: What to Cook NowMy Profile

  4. TUTUS and COLOR.
    I neeeeeeed to do this.
    Miz recently posted…Maintainence isnt sexy.My Profile

  5. I’ve never done a color run – I think it would be a fun way for my boys to get involved in a race/run!!!
    Kim recently posted…Is it about the Journey or the end Destination?My Profile

  6. I did the colorrun back in March. It was fun. I wish I had been able to actually run instead of walk but a friend who had been in a car accident decided she still wanted to participate even though she hurt her neck. So, she and I walked it while my other friends ran. We still enjoyed it. Did you do like me and hold your breath while running through the color stations. I had multicolored snot for two days!hahaha

    • Aw, well you were a really good friend for walking with her! I think it was more fun to enjoy the scenery–besides the race wasn’t cheap! Might as well get what you can out of it.

  7. Looks like you had a good ol time!! I did the color run in January! Much cooler of course and it was a blast. I had so much fun. Like I remember watching a youtube video and thinking I bet it’s not as fun as it looks…. well I was wrong it was just as fun maybe even better than it looked! It’s coming back here in September. This time I may just volunteer!
    Precious recently posted…I hope my wish comes true :)My Profile

    • It was fantastic, I wish I had chosen a cooler month. The volunteers really looked like they were having a blast, that is a good idea!!

  8. I did the color run and did exactly as you did. We ran, then walked through the color stations. We jumped around and rolled around in the color starch. We wanted to get as colorful as possible. It was great to just let loose and act silly. Absolutely LOVED it! Great recap. Nellie
    Hope recently posted…Live Full…Die EmptyMy Profile

    • Exactly, I didn’t know such fun runs existed–I am always working so hard during 5ks but this one was more about the experience

  9. This looks like fun I would have to keep my hair tight or get it done right after lol I can’t stand stuff in my hair. I love when races can add a fun element to it.

  10. Soooo much fun! I can’t wait to do the Color Me Radd one in September!
    Britton recently posted…Motivational Monday: Fitness SurveyMy Profile

  11. Oh yeah, that weather makes running a bit more unpleasant, but you guys still look like you had loads of fun!

    Should I ever make it to NYC in the summer, I wanna go run with you! :)
    evilcyber recently posted…Do You Know Your Veggies? Take The Quiz!My Profile

    • You can totally run with me, but I’m no professional you would probably leave me in the dust 😉

  12. ooh so much fun…this is on my bucket list of things to try. looks like you guys did a great job!

  13. I would so love to take aerial photographs of a color fun! I just love the colors and decorations. Kudos to you! I can’t even walk to my mailbox in this heat. It’s a goal, though. Maybe I should add it to my Old School Blogging list of things to do before I die!
    Tamara recently posted…Peek-a-boo.My Profile

  14. Color run! Sheesh. Sorry about my embarrassing typo.
    Tamara recently posted…Peek-a-boo.My Profile

  15. This looks like a 5k I could definitely do! I’m not a runner by any means, so I feel like this race would be a good one to attend! I loved your video too. Everyone seemed to have a good time dancing.
    Sherelle recently posted…Media Mondays: ChangesMy Profile

  16. I love the euphoric energy this run puts in the air. The blog recaps an non blogger FB/IG posts always look super fun. I don’t have any tatoos either, temps are the only fun I’ll ever have. I’m glad you and your girls participated and had a great time. I missed it for the very vain fear of messing up my hair :)
    Joi recently posted…30 Ideas for Blog Posts When Your Mind has Drawn a BlankMy Profile

  17. My daughter did a mini color run as part of our local Girls on the Run spring race earlier this year. She wanted NOTHING to do with the color. Thankfully it was an option after the finish line, so we were able to duck & run away from the powder!
    Nicole recently posted…Sturdy Girl Sports Bra GiveawayMy Profile

  18. HOW FUN! I so want to do it nect year :)
    Patty recently posted…Jade and Jasper Fall 2013 CollectionMy Profile

  19. That looks like SO much fun. You probably lost weight just by standing out there in the heat. Heck yea it was hot. This run is being hosted in my neck of the woods on next weekend.
    Andrea recently posted…Tips for Planning a Destination WeddingMy Profile

  20. I’ve never done a color run but they look so cool – and I know they’ve gained a ton of popularity in the past year so they’re not heard to find. 15K – that’s a lot of runners! This looks like it was a blast!
    Ilene recently posted…Designing HomeMy Profile

  21. All your photos make me wanna sign up for the color run in Atlanta next year!
    glad to have stumbled on your blog thru SITS
    Shashi recently posted…Quick Quinoa and Veg Bowl with Roasted EggplantMy Profile

  22. OH, well I am just SO upset that I had NO idea this was going on! This looked like SO MUCH fun. Definitely want to be a part of this next year. Question tho, how hard is it to get the paint off? I’ve always wanted to know! Lol

    L. Providence recently posted…fab fridays | 01My Profile

    • It was super easy!! I took a very long shower to get it out of all the creases but it was really easy since its cornstarch. Thanks so much for stopping by!

  23. I just signed up to do the one on September 7. Sounds like fun! Will you do it again?
    Kerri recently posted…I’m registering for The Color Run, the Happiest 5K on the Planet, are you?My Profile

  24. I didn’t pick up my prerace packet either but it wasn’t much of a hassle to get it on Race Day. The race didn’t start for us until about an hr after because they only allow a certain amount of people at a time. So, by the time I started the race, there were people that were finishing. Nevertheless, The Color Run was one of the best experiences of my life and I plan on doing one again when it comes back to Louisiana later this year.
    Carla recently posted…First Week at Big BlueMy Profile

    • Yeah, It wasn’t too bad getting it on race day but I would have loved to have cut up the tee or done something fun with it!

  25. I have not done a color run yet, but I look forward to doing one in the new year (preferably during a cool month) – All of the colors remind me a lot of Holi in India!
    Chanel recently posted…Exploring Tuscany on a VespaMy Profile

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