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How to Host a Virtual Christmas Cookie Exchange

A Christmas cookie exchange is one of the most popular ways to celebrate during the holiday season. But with social distancing guidelines in place this year, meeting up in person to host a cookie exchange probably isn’t the best idea. Instead, why not host a virtual Christmas cookie exchange?

These simple tips will help you host an amazing virtual party this Christmas season.

How to Host a Virtual Christmas Cookie Exchange

When planning a virtual Christmas cookie exchange, there are three routes you could take for your virtual party:

Mailing the Christmas cookies to each participant.

Baking the cookies together during an online video chat.

Exchanging Christmas cookie recipes online with each participant.

No matter which avenue you choose, you can easily host a fun Christmas party without disregarding social distancing guidelines this holiday season.

Mailing Christmas Cookies

The first option for hosting a virtual Christmas cookie party is to bake the cookies, then mail the finished cookies to each participant.

Start by setting up an online sign-up sheet so you’ll know who will be taking part in the virtual cookie exchange. On the sheet, ask your guests to list their name, address, and the type of cookies they’ll be making.

Once you have the details lined up, let your guests know how many cookies they’ll need to make by telling them the number of people they need to mail their cookies to and the number of cookies that should be in each box.

Your guests will need to bake up the cookies and package them in a separate box for each participant. For this reason, it’s best to keep this virtual cookie exchange option to a small group of party guests.

After the cookies are all mailed, set up a time for all the cookie exchange participants to meet online and enjoy the cookies together during a video chat.

Baking Cookies Together Online

Another option for your virtual cookie exchange is to bake together on an online video chat. As the host, you can pick the cookie recipe or you can select members of the party to teach their favorite cookie recipe.

Let your guests know the ingredients they’ll need to make the cookies for the party and provide them with a written copy of the recipe, then bake together during the event.

Online Cookie Recipe Exchange

You could also host an online Christmas cookie recipe exchange this year in place of exchanging actual cookies. If you would rather avoid sending baked goods in the mail, a recipe exchange is another fun idea that everyone would love.

Let your guests pick their favorite cookie recipe, then compile all the recipes gathered into a virtual cookbook. Send the e-book to all your guests and tell them to bake up some of the recipes at home.

Then, meet up online to enjoy the cookies together and celebrate Christmas with your friends.

Are you planning any virtual meetups this holiday season?

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Thursday 22nd of December 2022

I am going to have to try the lemon and hazelnut shortbreads, they look so yummy.