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Is the VIP Experience at the Rock n Roll Marathon Series Worth It?

by Nellie

Is the VIP Experience at the Rock N Roll Marathon Worth It?


Last weekend, I had the honor of doing something that only happens twice a year. I ran a half marathon right inside my borough! The Rock N Roll Half Marathon was an experience! I’ll be detailing the race a little later on, but I just wanted to share my VIP experience with you guys. As a Rock n Blogger, I get the awesome perk of getting VIP access to one race and of course I chose my hometown to use it!


I arrived early to get the most of my experience and it was really easy to find. I had gotten a special blue wristband at the expo which I had to show security. The morning VIP station was being held in the famous Brooklyn Library (where I have been a ton of times!).

Here are five reasons why I LOVED the Rock N Roll VIP Experience:


Breakfast: There is an actual FULL breakfast. I know not many people are worried about breakfast in the morning but I AM. There was a full spread of bagels and fruit for breakfast. I was in charge of the RockNRoll Snapchat doing a takeover so I didn’t get a chance to partake but man did everything look yummy. There was coffee, tea and orange juice as well. To be honest, one certain race days I often leave the house without breakfast so I was happy to see what was available to me!


Seclusion: Going into the super warm library with other runners was just great. It wasn’t COLD but it wasn’t warm either. When you get to a race site you have to spend a lot of time outside with a lot of strangers. Something about the environment of the library was super warm and friendly.

Private Bathrooms: YES. We all need to potty before races right? It is literally the most dreaded part of ANY race for me. It is a necessary evil. The VIP experience allowed us to use normal bathrooms. No sickening smells and running water to clean your hands with. Heaven.

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Post Race Activities: When I finished the race I was super exhausted–thankfully I had a beautiful closed off area to jump into! There was again, another spread full of food and really nice round tables with seats. There was free massages, private port o potties and a changing area which I was really happy for because I brought clothes with me to change into afterwards for post race brunch.

Private bag check: Speaking of changing, the VIP participants had a special UPS truck to drop their baggage and the bags were waiting for us when we got to the VIP tent afterwards!


Even though I didn’t get a chance to partake in the massage or the food, I had such a great time in VIP I highly recommend it for any future Rock N Roll Race, totally worth the extra coins!

What would be at your fantasy VIP Experience during a race?

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Allie October 12, 2016 - 5:52 am

You had me at “private bathrooms!” And if I could have an elite do a guided warm-up and a physical therapist to stretch me out pre-race, I’ll take that too! You are so a VIP in my book and deserved the very best at this and every race. Thanks for sharing your experience!!

Janine Huldie October 12, 2016 - 6:55 am

The whole experience sounds amazing and you know I am not a runner by heart, but still I couldn’t believe private bathrooms, breakfast and more with this race were included. So definitely would consider if I were a runner 😉

Ashley Diamond October 12, 2016 - 9:30 am

I couldn’t agree more – I think it is well worth the investment especially for a new runner or someone doing their first half marathon. Wouldn’t it be a fun way to celebrate the achievement?

Nellie October 12, 2016 - 9:00 pm

I absolutely need to do this for every race as a treat to myself!

Kimberly G October 12, 2016 - 10:12 am

If I am lucky enough to be chosen as a Rock n Blogger next year I will definitely be looking forward to the VIP experience for one of the races!

Nellie October 12, 2016 - 8:36 pm

Yes, you are a shoe in!

Tamara October 14, 2016 - 3:02 pm

Private bathrooms must be a dream. I shudder to think of what porta potties are like before, during and after a run! EEK!!!
And the two of us are breakfast twins.

renee October 17, 2016 - 11:15 am

VIP is a real treat. I’m glad I got to do it for Brooklyn this year as well. Last year I did not have it for a US race, only for Liverpool. Can’t beat comforts for certain races! If you can afford it at least once, I say GO FOR IT!

Leslie October 17, 2016 - 1:14 pm

Bathrooms would so be worth it. I can’t imagine being dead tired from a race and being sick from not having proper sanitation after a bathroom break. Yuck!


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