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Thanksgiving Placemat Activities For Kids (Free Printable)

The holiday season is quickly approaching! Before you know it, it’ll be time to make your Thanksgiving turkeys and whip up your famous mashed potatoes! Planning your holiday dinner can start to become a little overwhelming, especially if you have small kids around your feet while trying to mix and cook. Today I’ve got a fun Activity Thanksgiving Placemat that will keep them busy!

thanksgiving Placemats kids activity

This year, it doesn’t have to be! I designed these Thanksgiving Placemats to be the perfect activity to keep your kids busy while you cook, or to keep restless kids behaved during Thanksgiving dinner!

If you are looking for a fun way to keep your kids busy during the long meal that is Thanksgiving dinner, without turning to a device, these printable Thanksgiving Placemats are the perfect solution.

thanksgiving Placemats kids activity

They are not only a great way to keep your kids engaged while you cook, but you can even use them to keep your kids active when they’re done eating or waiting for dinner. There are six pages packed full of Thanksgiving puzzles and fun that will keep your kids plenty busy during Thanksgiving Day!

You can even use these in your classroom or for your classroom Thanksgiving feast too! While these are made with elementary-aged kids in mind, your older or younger kids might still find this fun. You may even catch some of the adults joining in on the mazes and word scrambles.

thanksgiving Placemats kids activity

These Thanksgiving Placemats are the perfect way to make your Thanksgiving meal a little extra special for your little ones!  Plus if you are looking for more fun activities try this Easy DIY Thanksgiving Craft For Kids: Turkey Feathers Craft.

These are a fun way to decorate a kid’s table (if you aren’t having everyone at one table) or a cool way to get your kids to stay quiet while trying to chat with some of the adults the table for a change.

thanksgiving Placemats kids activity

If you don’t want to use these during your Thanksgiving meal, they can be a fun activity for your kids to look forward to after dinner. This five page PDF printable has so many fun things for the kids and even comes with special thanksgiving coasters!

Download your free Thanksgiving Placemats 5 Page PDF printable here.

thanksgiving Placemats kids activity

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