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7 Most Essential Items for your Baby’s First Year

Just had your baby or got one on the way? Here’s helping you prep right for it. Read on to discover the 7 most essential items (or item categories) that you will definitely need for your baby’s first year. 

Cloth Diapers

Diapers- both cloth and the regular disposable ones, are an absolute no brainer that you need to stock up on for your baby’s first year. Try to stick to using cloth diapers when you’re at home though- they aren’t just cost effective, but environmentally friendly too. And of course, some wet wipes too!

Feeding Essentials

Whether you’re breastfeeding or formula feeding, you will absolutely need to have some basic essentials for your baby’s first year. These include nursing bras, nipple creams (we can’t stress enough on the importance of these), a nursing pillow, milk storage containers, burp cloths, small bottles (for formula fed babies) and a thermal bottle carrier. 


For your little one’s bathtime and cleaning, you’ll need some basics including bath towels, some baby oil, baby shampoo, baby lotion and a plastic infant tub. Diaper rash creams and talcum powder are some other absolute musts that you definitely will run out on. And of course, a nice bag to hold all of it when you’re stepping out. 

A Co-Sleeper

This one’s by far the most essential item on the list- and it’ll last you even more than just your little one’s first year- upto when he’s a toddler if you want it to. Co-sleeping has been found to have many benefits, and can also save you from the nightmare of having to get out of the bed for nighttime nursing. Plus, you can also take it along if you’re traveling- a regular sized one packs up pretty easily. 



Everything from colorful rattles and soft plushies to teething toys and musical ones, you just can’t have enough for your little one. As your baby starts growing, introduce more age appropriate versions of toys for him- eventually, you might also need to invest in a nice play mat, some board books and building blocks for him. Make sure you choose toys that are safe and don’t have any sharp edges that may hurt your little bundle of joy. 

Booster Seat

Once your baby starts to grow, he’ll need to have a seat of his own to eat in, and that’s exactly why a booster seat is necessary. Pick one that’s small and portable, and is easy to attach to your dining table. It can turn out to be way more convenient than a highchair that’s bulky.


A stroller is another absolute essential for new parents- it allows you to get out and get things done and have your hands free while you’re at it. Make sure you pick this one carefully though- preferably one that has a bit of storage space as well for you to keep your shopping bags and one that has a reclinable seat to help your baby nap while you’re out running errands. 

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Good luck and remember, you don’t need much for baby. These are just fun suggestions. It’s super easy to go overboard but remember to only get what you need!

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