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25 Fun Holiday Traditions To Try In 2021 – Free Printable Checklist

The holidays may look at little different this year, but it’s still a great time to start new family traditions, here is a free printable checklist of 25 holiday traditions that you can try this year!

‘Tis the season to do all of the holiday stuff with your family. With all of the “stuff” that happens around the holidays, there are always new traditions to try! I have something exciting to share with everyone.

Check out these 25 holiday traditions to try! While you may already be excited to do your holiday traditions, don’t be afraid to add some of these to your list. 

Try Something New This Year

Trying something new, especially around the holidays can be super scary. However, I have made a list that is super fun and exciting.

This list is full of ideas that are not only fun but that you can do with the whole family. You can even use this as your Advent calendar this year. Start on December 1st and from there, you can do one new tradition a day. 

Invited Friends and Family With You

While you try out these new holiday traditions, you can also invite friends and family to go with you. The traditions cover everything from making salt dough ornaments and write letters to Santa. This can be something you invite the neighbors over for! 

Make New Friends

If you are wanting to make new friends, then why not try out some of these new holiday traditions too? You can make these 25 holiday traditions a part of your friend bucket list. Making new friends is always possible with new fun and traditions. 

25 Holiday Traditions To Try

You may already have tried some of these traditions but some of these are honestly so fun! You can Bake lots of cookies, write letters to Santa,  take a family photo, drive around and take photos of Christmas lights, listen to holiday music, do random acts of kindness and so much more!

It may be a very different year for all of us, but it can still be filled with the Christmas spirit! Use this fun checklist to continue or try some new fun ideas.

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