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Celebrate Autumn With This Fun Family Fall Bucket List – Free Printable

 I don’t know about summer where you are but here in my neck of the woods, it has been absolutely miserable hot. Add in tons of rain brought in by tropical disturbances lately and you’ve got muggy, miserable and unbearable heat. Guess what?! In this weird time, the seasons are still constant! So I have a fun family fall bucket list printable for you to enjoy the season with!

There’s plenty to do to keep us cool during the long summer months. I had a really great time checking off these fun activities on our family summer bucket list.

Like many of my readers we’ve just been stuck inside at the mercy of each others company. No water parks. No public pool access. Thankfully though, Fall is just around the corner.

I’ve felt a few fall breezes here and there over the last few weeks, just little teases here and there, making me hopeful that the Fall will usher in better days than we’ve seen over the past several months. 

Not only does Fall bring in cooler weather, which I desperately need, it also gives me reason to release my Fall Family Fun Checklist for you. Rather than staying cooped up indoors for my favorite season, I’m strongly encouraging everyone to get out and make memories with your loved ones. Social distancing can still be observed, no need to risk your health for these simple yet fulfilling tasks. 

If you’re a fan of ushering in the Fall by gussying up your home with new décor, candying apples or going on hay rides, then I hope you’ll enjoy the Fun Family Fall Bucket List I’ve put together.

Although the list isn’t extravagant or focused on traditional big gatherings with large crowds, to me it makes me think of how we celebrate the changing of the season, while being together with family and friends.

 I hope my readers see the magic as I do, in jumping in a pile of multi-colored leaves, roasting pumpkin seeds and other activities that I’ve included. Plus I’ve added a blank page so that you can create your own list of bucket list activities you may want to complete this season!

Download your free Fun Family Fall Bucket List here.

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