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Why I Chose to Formula-Feed My Baby

This post about why I chose to formula feed my baby is sponsored by Enfamil Enspire!

Why I Chose to Formula-Feed My Baby

When I got pregnant with my first baby 10 years ago, I asked my mom for the first time, “Did you breastfeed me?” Her reaction was immediate, and perfectly happy. “No,” she said with a chuckle. “You wanted none of me.”

I don’t know how that could be true, because honestly, I can’t get enough of that lady. However, knowing that I was a formula-fed baby took away the intense pressure I was feeling to breastfeed.

When I was 19 years old, I had breast-reduction surgery. Not many of even my closest people know this, but I began wearing a bra in the fourth grade. By the time I got to high school, I was suffering with back pain and hiding when we had to run track in gym class because I had so much weight on my upper body.

Finally, my mom and doctor agreed I could have the surgery during the winter break of my junior year at college. I was OVERJOYED! Of course, I didn’t realize that the surgery would come with a price, literally and figuratively.


The doctor did explain at the time the possible side effects of the surgery, which included the chance that I wouldn’t be able to breastfeed. But of course, I absolutely wasn’t even thinking about children at that point, so I wasn’t too concerned – besides, the children in my family were all formula-fed, and I had complete confidence that even if I wasn’t able to breastfeed, I would be able to feed my babies just fine.

So, it was an easy decision to formula-feed my firstborn, and the two children that came after as well. Then recently, I tried to breastfeed my newborn daughter, but we were unsuccessful. I made it to six weeks, but once my husband went back to work, it was super hard to keep up with pumping. Luckily, baby girl simply got used to the bottle.


I believe the best thing about formula is that it is being improved upon all the time – there have been innovations even in the last 10 years.

I use Enfamil Enspire because it has lactoferrin, a protein also found in breast milk and colostrum that supports the immune system. Enspire also has another important ingredient: MFGM, or Milk Fat Globule Membrane. In breast milk, MFGM surrounds every fat droplet, and research shows it plays an important part in fostering cognitive development. Lactoferrin and MFGM set Enspire apart from other formulas, and I feel good about giving my baby the best.

However you decide to feed your baby is completely up to you. The important part is that your baby is well-fed and fed well. It’s an important decision to make, so if you do decide to go the formula route, make sure you talk to your child’s doctor and choose the best possible kind for your baby.

I have never once regretted the decision to have breast-reduction surgery, and I am so thankful for the really great formula options for moms like me. I am also thankful that today’s advanced formulas are such fantastic alternatives to breast milk.

Let’s be honest: Before you blink, these kids will be eating everything in your home, so getting them off on the right foot is key.

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Sunday 9th of June 2019

I didn't breastfeed my firstborn simply because I was young and wanted to live life I wasn't trying to pump and have a baby on my titty every hour or so. I was a little calmer for the 2nd child and I did breastfeed her for about 2 months and then had to go to work so I opted for formula.