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10 Easy Ideas For The Best Easter Egg Hunt Ever

10 Fun Easter Egg Hunt Ideas

While you still have some time to plan your Easter holiday festivities, you might already be thinking about how to make this year’s Easter egg hunt spectacular. Whether you plan to follow a holiday tradition or you like every year’s hunt to be different, it never hurts to get a bit creative!

These Easter egg hunt ideas will keep the afternoon exciting – even for adults. Some of these ideas just involve minor twists on the game, though others involve a bit more planning to execute. Let’s make this year your family’s best Easter yet!

Pick a Color

Buy a bag of assorted plastic eggs and separate them by color. Hide an equal number of eggs in each color. Then, have each participant pick a color. They will only be allowed to collects eggs in the color they chose. This prevents one person from snatching up all of the eggs before the younger kids can find them!

Adults-Only Hunt

After the kids have collected their eggs, hide some eggs just for the adults! Let the kids watch as the “grown-ups” tackle each other for eggs filled with mini liquor bottles, small bumper stickers, and candy. You can find mini liquor bottles at most liquor stores.

Camouflage Your Eggs

After a few years, you’ll likely use up all of your good egg hiding spots. Challenge your participants by painting your eggs to match their surroundings. You can even glue some fake grass or dirt onto the eggs to make them blend in even more!

Make it a Team Effort

Divide your participants up into equal teams. At the end of the hunt, let each team divide their winnings up amongst themselves. If you have enough time to make trophies, award them to the winning team.

Put the Eggs in a Pinata

Tape your eggs shut before putting them in your Easter pinata – otherwise, the contents may fall out. Instead of making your kids search the entire yard for eggs, they can find them all in one spot. To keep this activity safe, don’t blindfold the kids as they whack the pinata!

Make Some Clues

Give each participant a set of clues to help them find the eggs you’ve hidden. To make the egg hunt more challenging, hide the clues instead. Consider leaving some next to eggs – let one egg lead to another!

Make Your Eggs Look Like Characters

Using Sharpies, construction paper, and a hot glue gun, turn each Easter egg into a character your participants will recognize. Try making Pokémon, Disney characters, and video game characters. If you’re having trouble, use Funko Pops for inspiration.

Scavenger Hunt

This Easter, have your participants search for more than just eggs! Create a scavenger hunt that includes the surrounding plants, people, and objects in the yard. You can also include specific egg-based tasks, like finding one egg of each color.

Find the Easter Bunny

Have an adult (or eager teen) dress up as the Easter bunny. Let them hide somewhere in the house or yard so the kids can find them. Make sure the Easter bunny costume isn’t scary-looking!

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Fill the Eggs with “Coupons”

If you’re running out of things to stuff your eggs with, create some “coupons” for your kids to redeem. Include privileges like an extra 30 minutes of computer time, an extra serving of dessert, or a trip to a store they like.

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Easter egg hunts are fun, but sometimes, they can use an upgrade. When you add a new element to your hunt, you can make this traditional activity more exciting than ever before.

How will you spice up your egg hunt this year?