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Easy Captain Morgan Rum Pineapple Cocktail

This easy cocktail is made with captain morgan rum and pineapple juice. Simple flavorful cocktail that you can make anytime. 

I am a big fan of rum and fruit juice cocktails. They are so easy to make. I keep captain morgan rum in the house at all times. So this combination works well and I like to have captain morgan pineapple cocktail when I am home relaxing on summer days or after work chilling with friends.

This drink is very simple but it tastes delicious and refreshing. If you want you can also add ice cubes. Just make sure that captain morgan pineapple cocktail has been chilled in fridge for few hours so it will mix nicely with ice cubes.

Captain Morgan pineapple cocktail can become a true party drink for the hot summer days, your guests will enjoy it during any BBQ or pool party or just relax while having captain morgan pineapple juice together with family members.

Here are the ingredients for this easy cocktail:

Drink Ingredients:

captain morgan rum
pineapple juice
ice cubes
Cherry (garnish)
Pineapple Leaves (garnish)

In a glass: Add captain morgan rum, pineapple juice and stir well. Optional: add ice cubes. Serve!

Simple right? Now just grab captain morgan pineapple cocktail and enjoy! ​

If you like captain morgan pineapple cocktail and want to make it more often, this simple recipe can be easily adjusted in order to make larger amount. Just double or even triple the recipe and you’ll get enough captain morgan rum pineapple cocktail for a large party.

So good! Go ahead and grab the simple ingredients necessary for this captain morgan rum pineapple cocktail and mix them together in order to make this easy cocktail.

Don’t forget to add the pineapple leaves and cherries for garnish.

And captain morgan pineapple cocktail is ready. Now you can enjoy it with your friends, while playing some board games or watching a movie.

Enjoy captain morgan pineapple cocktail and let us know how did it turn out! Cheers!

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