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Brooklyn Active Mama Race Recaps

Brooklyn Active Mama Race Recaps

A few years ago, the running bug bit me pretty hard and I haven’t turned back since! I’ve run a lot of races over the years and I have had amazing experiences both good and bad. Even single race is different and I share it all in the below race recaps.

Racing for me in the beginning was all about PRs–how much faster I could get over time. Then I went through marathon training and that experience humbled me so much that I decided that it wasn’t about the PR for me anymore. It was about giving the race my best shot and simply doing what I had to do to cross the finish line. These are my stories *law and order dun dun*

I am no where near a fast runner, in fact, I love to celebrate my slow running style. I have met an amazing community that I affectionately call my turtle crew and we do what we need to do to cross the finish line every single time and I am so proud!

I truly believe that if you go out there and run, run/walk or even job that you are a runner. It’s all about the mindset baby!

Some recaps have a full mile by mile breakdown and some recaps are all about the emotions that I feel when running. This page is a one stop shop for all of my race recaps, and will be updated periodically!




Half Marathons