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Bringing The Heat Teaching Cardio Dance At American Airlines Arena!

It’s quite amazing how things work out.

Let’s start with a story shall we? You all know that 2017 has been the year of the conference for me. I have attended a total of 8 conferences this year. OMG! That’s a lot right? I know. But I loved it. I am wired for this kind of crazy, I just am.

So early in the year I decided that I would be attending a conference (that will not be named), I purchased a ticket and an abnormally low plane ticket. A few months later when I was in San Diego I was notified that I won ANOTHER ticket, a hotel stay AND a gift card. What?! YES! Except when I began to follow up about said hotel stay and gift card, I heard nothing. I’m talking exaggerated crickets. I decided that I would not attend after all because, well, shade.

Not even a week after I made this decision, I got a call from my favorite guy at Kia asking me what I’d be doing the very same weekend. Kia was a major sponsor for Blogalicious 9 and they needed someone to lead a cardio dance class at the American Airlines Arena. Me:

This Zumba instructor literally was over the moon. Just like that I was flying to Miami to do what I love doing most, teaching dance. Can you believe it? Because I hardly could.

Kia Suite at Blogalicious 9

Blogalicious has always been known to have some pretty amazing sponsor suites at all of their events, but this one was particularly amazing. There was SO much greatness and I’m going to break it down for you here:

  1. Headshots: We all got professional head shots with a white background. The photographer was SO great, he was really good–directing me to tilt forward and position my body just right. I loved it!
  2. Artist Spotlights: Kia was amazing enough to support black women creatives from head wraps, to homemade incredible beauty products, to amazing artwork prints. Attendees could come in and pick the product of their choice! It was like Christmas in that suite!
  3. There was food around the clock (nuff said!)
  4. There was an actual Kia car in the suite that you could jump in and take a professionally shot vlog!
  5. This wasn’t inside the suite BUT they has Kia drivers from Driveshop that took you anywhere in Miami within 10 miles. My favorite girls and I headed to Versailles (the most amazing Cuban restaurant in Miami) and we had such an amazing time on our #TribeRide!

Teaching Cardio Dance at The American Airlines Arena #BringTheHeat

It really was an amazing conference overall but my reason for being there all culminated on the final day of conference. I wasn’t nervous like at all, I thought I would be considering this is the first time I’ve ever been hired to headline an event and BRING THE HEAT.

I arrived early to set up but when everyone came, the energy was SO GOOD. This was especially awesome because it was an 8am class! Everyone got really cute technical tees and posed for a shimmy gif. 🙂

We danced, and danced. I had completely new playlist with a few oldies thrown in. Every single person “brought the heat” and had a really good time. I felt like I walked out of there with 30 new friends. It was THAT good.

I am so grateful to Kia for the amazing opportunity to Bring The Heat and combine doing what I love with my professional blogging life. I am also crazy thankful for crazy situations that manage to flip themselves into something really positive!

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Have you ever been to Miami? How have you brought the heat in your life lately?


Tuesday 17th of October 2017

The vlog thing in the car.. So cool! I wouldn't have resisted. The class looked awesome. The company looked awesome!


Monday 16th of October 2017

Just WOW!!! So amazing and sometimes everything works out the way it should. That class looked incredible (of course) and Versailles is one of my all time favorite restaurants!! #jealous

Janine Huldie

Monday 16th of October 2017

Aw, truly looked like such a fun and awesome opportunity. Glad it all worked out after crickets from that other company, because again this looked amazing ;)