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I Am Now A Believer: Why MonsterJam Is The Perfect Family Show

There are not many reasons for me to travel to New Jersey. Even though the state is a few minutes away from NYC and lots of good friends live there, I pretty much never go. That was until I had the opportunity to take my family to the MonsterJam show at MetLife Stadium.

Both of my boys are huge car fans–my eldest child loves cars while my little is actually obsessed with everything automobiles. Every birthday, every trip I know he will be happy with any kind of car as a present. We have cars on every floor of our home. It’s actually quite insane. When he sees the commercials for the MonsterJam shows he goes ballistic, he can watch professional car racing for hours.

The day started out with a LOT of rain but once we made it out to New Jersey, the skies had cleared and it was time to party!

Toy Preview

Before the show we got to check out some of the brand new MonsterJam toys that are on the market. By this time the excitement was pouring out of my son. He was SO happy to check out the new toys and honestly so was I. It was a really cool way to check out what was coming and maybe even eye some potential Christmas gifts!

A few of my favorite included:

  • Monster Jam® Truckin’ PalsTM Hunter Grave Digger : Wooden Vehicles and Plush (Available in September)
  • New Bright Chrome Grave Digger®
  • Skechers Sneakers
  • Monster Mutt® Dalmatian Duffle Bag (I love the Dalmatians, so this was my favorite!)

MonsterJam Show at MetLife Stadium

I absolutely was not nearly as excited as the guys to witness what would obviously be a bunch of boys and their souped up cars. However, once we entered the gorgeous suite, things changed a little. We ate some yummy food and were ready for the show! Since this was my first time I had no idea what to expect.

The show was SO COOL. I LOVED IT. I literally turned to my husband and said “this is AWESOME–wait–who AM I?!”. The cars were beautiful works of art. I couldn’t stop taking pictures. The kids, especially my little was jumping and waving his MonsterJam flag non stop for 2 hours straight.

I wore earbuds, because oh my word it gets LOUD in there! The kids had special earphones to block out the excess noise.

The show started with races and it pit two of the gorgeous trucks against one another until there was one winner. What made it exciting though was that they were all super skilled so the winner was often defined by a photo finish.

Next was the parts that had me “hoopin and hollerin” (quoted words from my husband)–the trucks did awesome tricks including donuts, and flips and 2 wheel tricks. The cool part was that the audience did all the judging on their cell phone! My personal favorite of the night was El Toro Loco & Wonder Woman.

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To learn more about MonsterJam and when they are coming to a city near you check out the official website!

Have you ever been to a MonsterJam show? What have you experienced recently that you loved that you never thought you would?


Monday 17th of July 2017

How did you get in to see all of the new products? We were at this event and never saw any of that. Glad you guys enjoyed it!


Monday 26th of June 2017

Those sneakers rock and you KNOW Des would be all over this. My sister, the NJ radio DJ, gets tickets every year. She took our nephew once and his mind was blown. It made me sad that we don't live closer!


Wednesday 21st of June 2017

I want to take my son but I don't know about that noise level...

Janine Huldie

Wednesday 21st of June 2017

My girls might actually like this, too as they love to watch Nascar racing with my brother. Seriously though you got gorgeous photos and your boys are always just such cuties!! :)


Wednesday 21st of June 2017

OMG my boys would absolutely love this and I have to say, if I was in a suite with them, I probably would too :-) LOL!! Great pictures and they are just such handsome boys!!!