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The Best Running Route In Brooklyn

There are so many places to run in Brooklyn, but I think the best running route in Brooklyn is Brooklyn Bridge park, and I am sharing all of my reasons!

Living in NYC there are plenty of amazing places to run. From Central Park to Prospect Park to everywhere in between, the city is just a simply gorgeous running oasis. What really helps is that 99% of the city is reachable by foot so you can find little fun corners to run and explore. While marathon training over the past two years, I have seen more bridges and beautiful views via training runs. I have run over all of the bridges in NYC and the views never get tired.

With all of these amazing options, I still have one favorite route that gets me every single time. Brooklyn Bridge Park is hands down my favorite place to run. The park is massive so you can absolutely get a LOT of miles in without ever seeing the same thing twice. It is set along the edge of Brooklyn overlooking the NYC Skyline.

The park is right on the water therefore the temperatures are always a little bit cooler than everywhere else. The park is generally PACKED especially in the Spring/Summer time but there is enough room for everyone, as the runners are always out and about.

If you start at the end of the park you end up running up two different bridges, the Williamsburg Bridge and the Brooklyn Bridge. If you REALLY want variety you can run across both bridges (about 1 mile and a quarter each way) and run back to where you started.

Be careful of special events though! Even though the park is massive, and you can always find alternate routes–the park is always better without an extra couple thousand people hanging around. 🙂


Where is your absolute favorite place to run? Have you ever been to Brooklyn Bridge Park?


Thursday 27th of July 2017

I live closer to Carly, so her running routes are more like mine. That said, I remember on both trips to Brooklyn last spring and summer that I loved the vibe of the bridge and the park. I can totally see you there!

Janine Huldie

Wednesday 26th of July 2017

Even though I am not a big runner myself as you know will be sharing this with some friends who do love to run. So thank you for sharing your favorite place to run, as well as others here, too Nellie!! :)